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Over on the right of this page is what I am willing to say. I am very aware that saying too much is more helpful to the bad guys than to the few good spirited traders left so COY is the way I write these days. 

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Trump first 100 days edition

btw this site is OPINION


A new president is inaugurated on the day that the sun enters AQUARIUS. Ha someone very wise picked that date. Aquarius is the sign of WE THE PEOPLE and not the saturnised EL-ite which is a Capricornian feature.... 

I am very optimistic as far as what the very strongly positive astro has in store this year. Let it be known that positive is a relative term because the old/new world order is not likely to be happy about the changes and are likely to organize many impediments to the well being of WE THE PEOPLE. 

I think those of us who have been studious about the truth have to understand that a change of the magnitude we are undertaking is not supposed to go smoothly or it could be stopped.  Change usually happens in sudden ways and this will be demonstrated in February when a solar eclipse and a Mars Uranus to Jupiter opposition takes place at the end of February. 

The equity markets have been in over optimism mode since the election. It is POSSIBLE you aint seen nothin yet. The Mars Uranus Jupiter energy late February is recklessly optimistic. All the fear based hedging for a disaster from the libs side might just be the speculative fuel needed to produce a rare UPCRASH in equity. We are not talking bull market we are talking MOON SHOT. I am not promising such an outcome but would be remiss to not warn you that it is a greater possibility than a downcrash of any significance at least from now until AUGUST. The odds favor the upside continuing considering the astro and it would not be a surprise that the markets rose up to a 1929/1987 type of nose bleed high around the time of the Great American eclipse on August 21st. 

 NOTE.. a post inauguration downdraft is a set the hook move to get the emotional driven anti Trump traders all beared up. 

So enjoy the ride. I think it might be brilliant that Trump has brought in the Goldman boys at least in the start of his presidency.. I think the other 4 fed banks some of whom are clearly enemies of Trump are going to be a bit wary of causing trouble at least near term. Sad but true Goldman seems the least rotten at the bottom of the apple barrel. 

Don't be surprised if a new alliance forms this summer between USA Russia and post brexit UK to replace NATO. 

Don't be surprised if Israel starts to chatter about the Samson option again. A USA Russia alliance would be a direct threat to Israeli hegemony over the anglo west. 

Don't be surprised to find out that Hillary has a massive multi decade blackmail operation revealed. It might be time to do a mandatory lie detector test on ALL government officials to find out if they have been blackmailed into being in the service of the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE. We can start with McCain and Graham.