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Musk describes his bad astro

Musk born June 28 1971. His natal sun is 6 degrees of Cancer. His natal sun is squared to Uranus at 9 Libra. Musk has sun sequisquared to Mars in 21 Aquarius also. So transiting Saturn stationed at 9 Capricorn and then backed up to oppose his Sun over the last 3-4 months.. Ya that is huge challenging aspects and HE DOES NOT KNOW about his astro ( I assume) and has no idea what to do about WHY he is in such a bind. 

Note the resolution of the his transiting aspects from Saturn in Capricorn don't come until November - December when Saturn finally moves past the 6-9 degrees of Capricorn. 

The old saying from JP Morgan who was a pal of astrologer Evangeline Adams says
"Millionaires don't need astrologers but billionaires do" 

Yo Elon 
I am available you might want to talk to me. Millionaires turn out to be cheapskate types but billionaires maybe have a better sense of the value about someone like myself who brings into the equations things others cannot. Astrology was good enough for JP Morgan .. Go to the JP Morgan library in NYC and in the back of it is a room full of astrology books. Ya might want to find out why you wanted to go to space. .



Jade helm?

That was the name of a military drill a few years ago to train for control of the human realm within US borders. We only know about it because of whistleblowers.

This a concept is from 1933 when the country went bankrupt under FDR where all ordinary citizens were declared an enemy of government and thus could have assets stripped.. Ya it goes that far back. This was used to confiscate citizens gold in exchange for green pieces of paper in 1933. I guess you could say this approach toward ordinary citizens has experienced "mission creep" ever since. 


Sky pilot

An ode to Richard Russell.

Red-ice take on it

Oh ....and his name was SETH RICH. Another young white guy doing something he knew was dangerous. 


Go back to where we blew it

I think when we blew it was the 1972 election... 
The momentum of the peace movement was at high tide. Peace candidate George McGovern was the Dem candidate. Nixon won. Nixon cheated and got caught.. Nixon resigned 2 years later. Gerald Ford who was on the warren commission became president for a few years. The we then got Jimmy Carter who we know now was a Zbig man (pig man) Bresinski puppet.  Technocracy was policy after 1976.,_1972 

Nixon's reelection committee broke into the Watergate hotel to wiretap the Democratic National Committee's headquarters, a scandal that would later be known as "Watergate". McGovern's campaign was further damaged by the revelation that his running mate, Thomas Eagleton, had undergone psychiatric electroshock therapy as a treatment for depression. Eagleton was replaced on the ballot by Sargent Shriver.

The Watergate burglars did the deed because of the fear of what secrets the Dems had about Nixon's involvement in the JFK conspiracy. It came out way later that Nixon's "plumbers" were the big players in the Bay of Pigs fiasco that we now know was being run by HW Bush a young CIA black operative at the time. 

So this is important. Wallace was running 3rd party in 1972 who was at first thought to take up democrat votes in the solid dem strongholds of the south but then as things turned out he was going to chew into Nixon vote possibly making Nixon loose. So we had THIS.

Alabama Governor George Wallace, an anti-integrationist, did well in the South (he won every county in the Florida primary) and among alienated and dissatisfied voters in the North.[citation needed] What might have become a forceful campaign was cut short when Wallace was shot in an assassination attempt by Arthur Bremer on May 15. Wallace was struck by five bullets and left paralyzed from the waist down. The day after the assassination attempt, Wallace won the Michigan and Maryland primaries, but the shooting effectively ended his campaign and he pulled out in July.

Back then here was NO INTERNET. The only form of effective communication of ideas outside of the mass media was ROCK AND ROLL and FM Radio. 

rattle that lock
loose those chains. 
Go back to where we blew it
and loose our heads along the way

 Pink Floyd emerged in ... 1972. 
I was there and saw the first US concert tour in Philly in front of only 500 people stunned to hear surround sound for the first time.


Is Trump a political Sandbagger

A sandbagger is a golfer that manages his handicap to a higher number so when the money is on the line in a golf match they always win because they pretended to be a worse golfer when nothing was on the line. Trump does know golf and unlike Obama is not seen on tv playing it very much. Sandbaggers usually have a handicap of 12-18 shots giving them an almost insurmountable advantage in a golf match against a low handicapper who plays to a 5 handicap. 

The good golfers at the club with low handicaps don't like the sandbagger. When one is revealed they don't get many friendly bets with the good golfers again at the club after that. 

Might this explain the trump tendency to act unpresidential a LOT. Is he pretending to be a loose cannon? I can attest to being a 4 handicapper and playing against sandbaggers and you just keep thinking they are going to fuck up as usual so you will win and it does not happen. 



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