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The gods must be crazy

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Mars Pluto ahead

Mars and Pluto will be in exact opposition July 2nd . Mercury and Mars will be in conjunction on the 28th of June. This aspect setup is very strong tendency to pop off and cause something violent so the president might want to stay away from his phone for now and not inflame a violent reaction with his twits.

There are a LOT of things in the mix already such as the ruling on the travel ban yesterday that could bring things to a boil. the recent baseball incident might have been a foreshock of a bigger incident. 

I think everyone who is building up anger should be made to sit in a room alone with duct tape over their mouths from now till the 4th to keep the threatening language down. 

Unfortunately this keeping quiet is wishful thinking and as they have to tell Europeans "avoid crowds" .. 

UPDATE 6/28/2017.. as I said in the above.

Kim Jong Un born 1/8/1984. This astro lands on him like a ton of bricks.
He has a Mars Pluto conjunction in his natal as well. 


World's policeman

The United States under Donald Trump now resembles a disabled policeman who was forced to retire on disability after being injured, not in the line of duty, but by engaging in self-destructive piques of bravado. The United States has abandoned internationalism as witnessed by Washington’s withdrawal from the free trade Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Paris climate agreement. The United Kingdom’s decision to depart the European Union in the Brexit referendum has put the final nail in the coffin of Britain’s status as a minor «superpower».

In January of 1996 I created this site to detail a long term astrological cycle involving midpoints between Saturn Uranus and Pluto of 68 to 70 years.. The cycle is about rotation of dominance shifting from east to west in a total supercycle length of about 210 years. My read at the time of writing the first post here in 1996 was that the USA peaks out in 1996 and would be replaced by China dominance about mid cycle (now) leading to China peaking out in 2060s. People thought I was crazy at the time... not now. 

At the time of the posting I suggested that if the USA just stood down gently from the 1996 peak and not fight the cycle we would become the spiritual capital of the world about now going forward..  instead the neocon plague used every trick in the book to continue the illusion of dominance which has lead us to this point on the timeline when a very ungraceful exit from dominance is taking place.  At the time I suggested that if the usa did not stand down gracefully the entire world would turn on the USA about now and would eventually have to be rescued by China. 

The way things stand at present we are in the last hurrah stage sort of like the orchestra playing as the titanic sunk. The next few weeks a Jupiter Pluto square at end of July is likely to create a political snafu ... leading to a speculative blowoff of some sort in September.. And that will be the last hurrah before the decent into economic irrelevance is realized associated with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020. 

It was the greatest show on earth
and then it was over.

The lyrics!!!