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The "Nostradamus" eclipse 


Way back in the mists of time in 1999 a solar eclipse in August was heavily advertised as doooooms day 

Posted on wapo in September 1999. CIA mindfuckers that they are .-)

One of Nostradamus's most famous prophecies strikes right within our immediate days:
The year one thousand nine ninety-nine seven month
From the sky shall come a great King of terror,
[Shall be] revived the great King of Angoulmois.
Before and after, Mars [shall] reign as chance will have it.

I remember this VERY well.. Back then one astrologer got on TEE VEE (CNBC) and one took it hook line and sinker and proclaimed the world would end ..or something like that. Yours truly who saw that particular guy say this made me take note so I looked at that in a technical way and thought. OMG this is a huge fade so a few weeks before the 8/11/1999 eclipse I said GO LONG THE ECLIPSE on that note. Nasdaq went up 100% from August 1999 into end of year. The 8/11/1999 eclipse was part of a VERY strong fixed sign grand cross with Saturn Uranus and Mars and I would rate it a 10 on the nasty gage so it was easy to bring on a wave of fear over it. In my time of watching astro the 99 eclipse was the "worst" aspects during an eclipse I have seen. 

 Please note that this Nostradamus meme was full blown PROPAGANDA pushed for MONTHS and there was no such quatrian as it was being pushed with different wording.. it was FAKE NEWS. In fact this psyop was a huge tell about what was in store in September of 2001 and was one of MANY signs of something very big coming AFTER Y2K. Keep in mind terror was NOT something Americans even thought much about in 99 that was for the Israeli's to worry about. 

The reason I am telling this story now is EVERY 19 YEARS the sun and moon return to the same degrees of the zodiac plus about ONE DEGREE repeating the same zodiacal notes every 19 years. This is called the Soros cycle. (please can we rename this cycle the Schwartz cycle?) There is a school of thought in astrology about the eclipses being part of a "family" of eclipses and so this one coming up on August 11 2018 is "related" to the one in 1999. I have studied the 19 year repeating sun/moon cycle and it has some merit as events DO INDEED TEND TO REPEAT on that frequency. The 99 one was an all out bear massacre with the shorts destroyed after the eclipse. 

Up until the August eclipse in 99 there was fear in the markets that it was too high with elevated prices based on massive bullshit and every trader with a sense of self defense seemed to be loaded up on puts to protect themselves.. SOUND FAMILIAR?? 


The 8/11/2018 eclipse has a nastiness rating of only a 3 in comparison to the 10 bell one in 1999
Notable aspects are 
The squares from the eclipse to Jupiter 
 Venus semisquared and Saturn sesquisquared  to the eclipse. 
Mars Neptune and Uranus tie in with stress aspects. Mars at the zero degree of Aquarius.
A very close to exact Mercury squared to Jupiter is an error in judgment aspect so it is unlikely that many will see what is coming and will be on the wrong side of it.. (like in 1999?). 

My trading plan (if you want to call it that) as of now is the lunar eclipse on the 27th being a very high emotive window and reckless panicky reaction should be a catalyst for a few weeks of nail biting bearishness and around the time of the solar on August 11th a low that will be a lot higher than what the situation calls for. I maintain an upward bias until Mr Market shows me the odds are a different outcome based on the uber bullish aspects from Jupiter Neptune and Uranus that dominate in 2019. That silly season year in 2019 has January and September as my focal points for a MAJOR top as of now. 

 Too High? Even a blind man can see it.. 

I suspect Crypto could do well in late 2018. The hopes and dreams factor should run strong and could become epic in 2019. The tech wreck that took place in early 2000 could be crypto in 2019. 
19 years and all that. 


Hook Line and Sinker

Getting a notion that things are getting wonky in Truthville. This is not new but the amplitude of it seems like a crescendo of sorts. I'm not going to name names but a number of my fellow truthers have either had physical problems. Financial problems.... or MENTAL problems recently. I guess I am "lucky" to have only had a food poisoning situation a few weeks ago. 

I think it would be wise for people to take more than a spoon of salt going forward maybe increase it to a pound of salt. Things are not what they seem BTW this song is from the mid 1990s Saw it performed live from the 12th row in 2007 from the same tour as the video. 

Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
You better watch out
There may be dogs about
I've looked over Jordan, and I have seen
Things are not what they seem

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real
Meek and obedient, you follow the leader
Down well-trodden corridors, into the valley of steel
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes
Now things are really what they seem
No, this is no bad dream



January 12 1964. Of note is his natal Mars at 29 degrees of Capricorn. 

The massively important triple conjunctions of Saturn Pluto and Jupiter 2020 land in late Capricorn. A natal Mars in Capricorn is exhausted in Capricorn because it has discipline over Mars impulsive tendencies and has tremendous AMBITION. The triple conjunctions of 2020 landing on Bezos natal Mars certainly has my attention. The 3 Jupiter Pluto conjunctions in particular that have everything to do with political power indicate almost unlimited desire for political power. 

Will we be referring to Bezos as "president" or "chairman" or even "emperor" a day after the 2020 "election". 

Ha! you heard it here FIRST. 
HAHAHA.. I am one of the very few astrologers who was certain that Trump .... way in advance of the fact ... was going to win in 2016 so..... Get out your pee bottles if you want a job after 2020. Your going to have a chip in your head to keep count of the carbon emissions you personally generate .. every atom of it ... so you can pay your taxes for breathing. I tell ya it is going to be GREAT. Welcome to the age of Aquarius. 


55 years later

Another great and brave couple who wont quit.

Might it be time that the so called truther community stood up and gave an ovation to the "survivors" of the onslaught on truth? AstroEcon as a business was attacked in 2009 and I had to demonetize it or lie to be able to make a living. I chose not to lie. By the grace of God I remain standing. 

THE MINDS OF MEN is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of social engineering and mind control during the Cold War — a mind-bending journey into the past that gives startling insight into the world we are living in today.


Red rain from a blood moon

Remember the last blood moon eclipse last January.. The state of the Union and the train wreck? 

The US stock market had run up to highs that needed an oxygen mask into that lunar eclipse and low and behold the fang stocks just ran up to a new high yesterday. 


I am standing up at the water's edge in my dream
I cannot make a single sound as you scream
It can't be that cold, the ground is still warm to touch
We touch, this place is so quiet, sensing that storm
Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me

And I can't watch any more
No more denial
It's so hard to lay down in all of this

Speaking of red rain we have RED-ICE going down again. This is the state of the truth movement today.. Speak up and go broke.


BTC chart

BTC is up against pivot resistance today. Breaking above it would be a sign of encouragement to HODLers but I still dont see the current level on recent lows as viable UNTIL there is a capitulation. When HODLers turn into SOLDers I will pay more attention.  Big bear moves that don't have a capitulation tail on the chart are very vulnerable to having one come up rather unexpectedly . The 89 day moving average is still in a decline. That condition will only change when the price of BTC can stay above the 89 day moving average currently well below 7K. 

the chart


Side effects?

How interesting.. 

Typically, the symptoms reported include cognitive impairment, visual impairment, hearing of strange sounds, dizziness and sleeplessness.

Humm McCain.. Pelosi  etc 
Might this be the nano bots that are a required install for entry into the "Big Club" that we lesser humans are not in? 

The CIA is known to have run various drug programs and hypnosis – the notorious MK-ULTRA – as early as the 1950s and 60s. The holy grail was to find “super spies” and “super assassins”.

Right out of the book Flowers for Algernon? I read that book waaay back in the 60s -70s. A movie with the title came out in the 90s but it sucked compared with the book. 


LOL Putin laid a big wet fart in the face of the deep state yesterday. A 400 million contribution to the Clinton charity from a Russian meddler eh? Pass the popcorn.


The 12

Interesting Trump said something to the effect he would ask Putin to bring the 12 Russian hackers that Mueller indicted back with him. LOL now THAT would be entertaining because they would have a right to defend themselves and have the evidence examined. That discovery phase would blow the whole Clinton crime network into tiny little pieces. 

Is Bullshit Mountain getting ready to blow?


Motivated ignorance

Those who are not curious close themselves off to other views. Over time, they can’t figure out how any normal human being could possibly think differently than they do on political issues. Sinister motives, or stupidity, must be the only explanation. This is where the nastiness comes in. If one disagrees, surely they must be evil, dumb, racist or transphobic.

And where does this come from? CONFIRMATION BIAS SERVED UP LIKE PRISON GRUEL BY THE SOCIAL ENGINEERS AT.. Goog F U Book Twitter netflix Att/verison comcast Disney who can target an individual now with "programming" that narrows perspective. 

Enabling this war is confirmation bias – the strong tendency in us to interpret all new information through the lens of our prior beliefs. Whatever your political philosophy is, you can easily immerse yourself into media outlets, social media and internet content that exclusively reaffirm your convictions. One can comfortably spend hours a day consuming political information without once encountering a differing viewpoint.

My comment.. Sure does explain a lot eh? 


More than this

The Peter Gabriel song...

It started when I saw the ship go down
I saw them struggle in the sea
And suddenly the picture disappears
In front of me

Now we're busy making all our busy plans
On foundations build to last?
But nothing fades as fast as the future
And nothing clings like the past, until we can see

More than this
More than this

I have felt that this song was prophetic from way back. The mention of the ship going down has always meant to me a sinking of a ship in the Straight of Hormuz that marks the start of WW3. BTW there are Nostradamus quatrains that suggest something similar. 

So much more than this
There is something out there
More than this
It's coming through
And more than this
I stand alone and so connected
And I'm all there
Right next to you

Live version 2001. The concert this clip comes from is one of the top 10 concerts of all time. Essentially a 2 hour magical ceremony. The song intro in the concert film DVD directly addresses astrology. 


Friday the 13th

Going back to the first one it has the reputation of something very nasty

Just to show you how FKed up google has become when I goggled Friday the 13th I got lots of links to a MOVIE and the first relevant link was from that does not mention the Templars much.. If you want the actual source of the superstition you have to be VERY specific now and mention TEMPLAR in the search..

The date is actually very VERY relevant to today because our modern banking system came to be what it is now because of the first Friday the 13th 1307. Based on reading up on it a lot before history was reworked the events that day may have set mankind back 100s of years. Imagine we of today had advanced civilization by those 100s of years .... Would we be forced into using counterfeit negative debt money?? I think not. 


The year of the pin


2019 is a very different year than 2018. The dominant astro next year is Jupiter square Neptune and Jupiter sesquisquare Uranus. The most intense interactions of Jupiter and the Uranus Neptune semisquare is in January of 2019 but with two returns to that bubble popping energy later in the year. As  I see it this is mega bubble popping astro. This astro is waaaay too expansive and indicates an INFLATION issue that the fed will be behind the curve on till it isn't. The hyperinflation from this bubble is already being seen in weaker economies now and is likely to spread like a plague. 

The 2020 astro has nothing but major outer planet conjunctions all year.. Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 stands out as a most nasty combination. 

The "trick" to using astro is to find a huge steep gradient from too positive to too negative. The quicker the gradient the better for a trader on the right side of the trade. So my read is we have a toppy ridiculous looking tooooo high type of high in January that plays out with exhaustion of dip buyers patience into the fall of 2019 and then the trap door opens and a hell of a drop into January of 2020. Trump made to look like Hoover. I still have a notion that Trump fires himself in January of 2020 and declines a second term.. Sorta like House of Cards eh? Ivanka/Jared run as co presidents? 


Shady McCoy 
meets Mr Eclipse


Shady McCoy is one of the better running backs in the NFL and could even have the stats in a few years to make a hall of fame argument. His date of birth is July 12 1988.. So in the last last week he apparently sent some goons to beat up an ex girlfrind who was squatting in his house. OH MY.

Well his natal Sun is 20 of Cancer and the solar eclipse today lands on 20 cancer. (opposed to Pluto)

He is almost certainly going to be out of football maybe in days and then spend some hard time in jail. 

Just pointing out that astro is an IGNORE AT YOUR PERIL thing and I just stand in awe of it.  


Mercury Jupiter square

Overnight the result of the overly optimistic aspect going past exact has come home to roost. The stops on the ES futures are down at the 2740ish area and should coincide with the solar eclipse on the 12th plus or minus a day. I'm still in a bullish mode bigger picture until I see something to change my mind.  ya ya When is the big crash we hear about every day? When people start to NOT THINK ABOUT IT that is when.  Crashes happen when the majority don't see it coming. 


Strategic error

Brett Cavanaugh
2/12/1965.... Meh .... I don't see a great chart and with a natal T square between Sun Jupiter and Neptune is probably living in a religious false reality. The Christian version of Ginsburg in my humble opinion. 

Yesterday when he was announced for SCOTUS Mercury and Jupiter were squared to each other. This aspect is often seen when a market is running on too much optimism and proceeds to react after it is over with a big drop of some magnitude to punish the unwise. Mercury Jupiter stress aspects are basically POOR JUDGMENT and Kavanaugh has a wide Mercury Jupiter square in his natal as well. Eyes rolling. 

If Trump was trying to provoke the left he has done a masterful job to a point where he may find himself blocked and increase a Dem potential to grab control of Congress this fall. Of course maybe I am not as bright as trump and this provoking is part of the script .. We should find out soon enough with the 7/27 Lunar eclipse conjunct Mars and square Uranus the crazy rain is due to arrive at the station around then. 


What happened

The Younger Dyras events are the most significant global catastohophe in the last 100s of 1000s of years yet we are not allowed by the scientism "religion" to understand it.. WHY??? Because it totally changes the biblical timeline that the real rulers of this world use to manipulate our minds.

What difference does it make if it was a comet or a solar outburst. 

Robert Schoch interview on Joe Rogan. I think he is right about the solar outburst.


The July 12th eclipse

Two major features of this chart.. 
The eclipse is very close to exactly opposed to Pluto. 
There is a close to exact grand trine between Saturn Uranus and Venus in earth signs. 

The grand trine showing up during a solar eclipse has an implication about the VALUE of money. 
The trump SCOTUS pick looms large as does the summit with Putin. The grand trine tells me there will be more "winning" from Trump. It seems to me the use of sanctions has been counterproductive when used against a country that can and will fight back so I see that as high on the agenda.. Getting Russia back into the SWIFT system would be very helpful to the Powers That Be in bankistan. 

Pluto featured in a hard aspect in an opposition to the eclipse is an indication of some sort of upheaval. Pluto is a beneath the surface energy and is related to volcanism among other things. We  could be in for a big pop off somewhere strong enough to set a climate change into much colder into motion. 

Solar eclipses rarely are are on highs in markets. In nature the solar eclipse is a false night and tricks creatures into going to sleep. When the great American eclipse passed over here in 2016 where I live I sat on my porch and listened to all the roosters in the area announcing it was daybreak at 3 PM. 

The big energy unload is 14 days down the timeline related to the lunar eclipse on July 27th. That lunar eclipse has Mars all over it like a rash. Ya i am very concerned that some incident REAL OR IMAGINED "news" tips the scales over to violent reactions from the left over the fact they are being rejected by the majority of the American people. A false flag to provoke civil disorder is certainly on the table and keep in mind that last lunar eclipse in January had an attempt at killing 200 republicans on a train. At a minimum I would expect the release of a horde of berserkers like in the movie Clockwork Orange. 


Grand Pooh Baa of evil

GHW Bush is that guy.  A more forked tongue does not exist. His spawn and the conies that come with them has been a plague on the earth. Our country was plundered THREE times while a Bush was in the Whitehouse. The S&N crisis.. 911.. and 2008. Oh and the Clintons were a result of keeping a "made man" in power in 1993 as fixer.. Obama protected them and let them engineer the so called "recovery". So far Trump has not arrested a single one of them. Kind of telling eh? Anyone in gov who is not in on it is only allowed to be in power because they are blackmailable. 

Its one big crime family and your not in it.

Wanna know how we got into this mess ?? In his own words.

The boss of the bosses is the BIS.

People all of a sudden thought the bankers were helpless in the face of crypto? The bankers have engineered ALL the wars since 1913 so what are a bunch of unarmed peeps with phones going to do about it. 

As best I can tell in these dark times the only thing I can see that can stop the NWO is an act of nature. Like a very abrupt entry into global cooling. The major astro aspects ahead has Saturn Pluto conjunction in January of 2020 and Saturn squared Uranus in January of 2021. All it is going to take during this current solar minimum period is one big volcano popping off and there will be no more talk of human caused warming. Cooling self reinforces itself as cooling begets even more cooling once the process starts. 



June 28th 1971

Those of you who can put up a chart may want to take a look. He has a 6 degree of Cancer natal sun. Saturn is in retrograde now and just made the second opposition to his natal sun. Also Musk has Uranus at 9 degrees of Libra which Saturn has been squaring.  His Saturn transits are going to let off a bit from here on until Saturn comes back this fall for one more time. Just a hint on how long his pile of debt is going to remain solvent. Once default arrives his other ventures will be soaked up by "the right people" and Tesla will become a name like Yugo in the auto biz. 

Just ironic that the car namesake Nicola Tesla spent his later years broke. 


Home prices

Here where I live.. In a remote part of Deplorda the canary in the coal mine has fallen dead. Over the weekend I talked to a neighbor who he told me the price value of his nice home went from140K to 90K in a recent appraisal by the real estate/banking monopoly. This is the value set that the bank is willing to lend on. 

The same thing happened here in 2007 MANY months before the shit hit the fan in the rest of the country. In 2007 the banks did not fund a single mortgage here in my county. I see where this is headed again. BTW the home values in the 2008 - 2009 crisis did not drop they just were un sellable except for cash only deals here in my county. 

Who stands to benefit from a situation such as this? The banks post 2008 now ONLY service mortgage loans they don't hold the paper plus they get a huge payback in the case of a default on loans they service. Very much an incentive to tighten loan standards and appraisals and foreclose when a borrower taps out. 

Based on this I believe that 2019 is when the next bubble pops. I am quite sure the Blue states are not suffering from a credit starvation .... yet.  If this is another round of real estate price busting then the bottom of the next burst bubble should be around 2020 into early 2021. 



A parody of the classic led zep "immigrant song"


Shite coins

“abandoned, scammed, website dead, no nodes, wallet issues, no social updates, low volume or developers have walked away from the project.”

Big short squeeze in BTC right now. God bless you if you can trade this type of rally. If you are that good you are better off trading penny stocks. 


Cool dude

Brandon Tatum is a rising star on the Boston Celtics. I want to dislike the guy because I grew up in Philly but...

Keep it Maxine. Oh and look at Timmmah G who ran the so called "bailout" for Obama
is now the president of New York Warburg Pincus - a private equity firm which owns predatory lender Mariner Finance

And lastly how about the Soros funded antifa? 

BTW I KNOW that Soros people use astrology...I know BECAUSE his trading room was using my subscription service back in 1998. If you wonder why I am so cagey here think about THAT.


North and South

USA is surrounded by leftist countries now. Mexico and Canada.. Venezuela and Cuba. 
Guess we going to need a bigger wall. 

Between now and the election in November I expect a full court press to force a leftist government on the US.. I think there is going to be voter fraud at a level never imagined. I wonder if the American people can muster enough political will to defend the country from this attempt. 



July 27th a lunar eclipse is once again being touted as a "blood moon".. LOL.. sounds scary. 

Also on that date the closest pass by Earth to Mars in 15 years.

So the real interesting thing about this lunar eclipse is it will be CONJUNCT MARS.. oh and also squared to Uranus. And semi squared to Venus which sits at 19 Virgo which is the 911 degree of the zodiac. 

On the batshit scale this one is a magnitude 9ish. Lunar eclipses are the emotional peak "tide" of the eclipse series and a lot of planets with high agitation like the Mars Uranus square locked into the eclipse energy are going to bring on a "summer of hate" atmosphere. Remember the last so called "blood moon" in January triggered a plot to crash a train with 200 republicans on board into a trash truck? 

This was the year the Marxists had planned to take our country IF Hillary had won. The lefties are running out of rope to hang themselves with and I consider this lunar eclipse is a long planned outbreak of trump derangement syndrome. Trump winning seems to be on a roll. OH MY get the popcorn out. 

Mike Moore this song is for you. Fat Man by Jethro Tull


Jeanine Pirro

Hillary worst nightmare.

Pirro born on June 2nd 1951. Sun Mars conjunction in Gemini. LOL cannot be beaten in any argument. Moon in Taurus probably closely conjunct Mercury within a few degrees with that conjunction squared Pluto. Ohhhhh she is quite the detective minded one. I would give a thumbs up on her.. No inherent evil characteristics..  


Regarding Crypto

God looking back at the last year it went from hopeful solution to our most vexing debt slavery conundrum to soul crushing theft of a lot of capital from anyone who got involved investing in it after last fall. Ya it would be a good thing IF a decentralized alternate money replaced the counterfeit fed money we are forced to use. BUT that is not what is happening. What is happening is CENTRALIZED digital (cashless) money is slipping onto the scene like a Trojan horse. The word... BLOCK....CHAIN  is a set of ultra SATURNINE words. 

Overnight BTC has moved above the downtrend line from last May.. Why? Fuckerberg all of a sudden "likes" crypto ads again? (eyes rolling)   When the creepiest man on earth likes something I am not amused.

So here is a current chart of BTC. Broke below the February low but I don't see any capitulation. Until proven otherwise BTC is headed to 2800.. 
I will make note of it if this bearish outlook changes. 

I had a journalist from a big magazine contact me recently who wanted the scoop on using astrology in bitcoin trading. Since I don't have skin in the game I told him the truth. 
If I am a great trader with a feel for what is coming why would I want to trade in something that has a shaky foundation and other problems too numerous to list?".. LOL.. I would not. Trading S&P futures is where the big league traders are working for a reason. 

An experienced and successful trader knows his own internal guidance intimately. THE BIGGEST TELL IS WHEN YOU START TO HOPE you are wrong and must exit PROMPTLY. . Any delay is a second mistake. Doubling down on mistakes one and two is three strikes and your out. 

History rhymes. In 1929 there were 300 car companies. In 1933 there were 3 left. 


George the ambulance chaser

OMG .... Greed much?

Reminds me of the old JG Wenthworth commercials where people scream 

The firm faces criticism in the United States for monetizing and encouraging the lawsuit culture in America. The US Chamber of Commerce and the insurance industry have criticized companies like Mighty Group for clogging the courts and propping up the costs of settlements.


Looks like the S&Ps have found a low about 20 or so points above the breakdown point where stops were vulnerable. I expect a rally of low quality into the holiday period. 


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