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The View From Mount Nebo

This is the title I used for the AstroEcon public website daily updates from 2006 till 2009. 
Mount Nebo is a biblical place but it is also a real place where I live in the mountains . 
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SPX a bit overbought

Well not a bit a LOT.. the most in a long while. Does that mean it is going to crash?? Nope.. But it does mean that when it does correct it should be a good trade. 


I'm going to start to cover the SPX more considering we have  an eclipse pair coming up and that has been an astrological play over the years worth considering. Im watching for the spoos to drop below the upper bollinger 1.6 band line AND have some divergent action on the MACD on this 144 minute bar chart.. A correction starting about now would tend to play out in front of the paying taxes period. 


dip alert

Crypto is testing the recent low in the next day or three. If one was inclined to buy the dip we have that about now.  Stocks on the other hand are on an opposite situation being at peak everything .. 

There is a lunar and solar eclipse coming in the next month that may be the table turn on recent trading situation. Eclipse piars and crash type conditions are correlated so maybe today is a good day to pla attention. 

Good read.


Fly Eagles Fly

Underdogs at home?? Ya right. 38 to 7.. Against the best defense in the NFL.

Foles was brilliant against the Vikings, going 26-33-352. He threw 3 TD passes and didnít turn the ball over. Foles did this against the #1 defense in the league with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. And he made it look easy.

Still waking up.. 

OH the gov shut down?? Huhh. 



I'm going to visit my grandson over the weekend.. Will be a bit distracted Sunday night with the biggest game in Philly since the 1980 championship game.. LOL I was there in person for that one with minus 20 wind-chill and it was great..  The iggles beat the cowboys as an underdog playing at home to go the superbowl. Been a long time since they won it all.. almost a lifetime I was 8 years old in 1960 when they won well before superbowl one. This year they are home dogs once again like 1980. Ya it is a big deal and no I will not be up early Monday morning. 

Bleeding green football hooligans that we are. Guess the writer of the below link is not a fan or lives anywhere near Philly.. Probably a Dallas fan LOL..


Must read

Might want to look at this gold chart over the weekend. Very long term play but then again it pays to think way ahead.

Nice winter here.. A pic worth a 1000 words. Right out my front window The pic is the other side of the holler.. My place is a double wide but I get to see a great house framed like a post card I did not have to pay for haha. .


First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you.. then they fight you.. THEN YOU WIN.. Gandhi.

The debate is getting testy.. The laughing at you part is on in spades..

Decentralized crypto is not going away just the same as Gandhi would not go away. The issue is the price and the convertibility to fiat. Given an actual choice ... as in freedom .. who would want debt money over something that is not designed to go go down in value so cronies can pay off loans easier.. 

THE FIGHT YOU PART is coming. Kinda big retrace was in play yesterday.. Kinda funny the CBOE original future contract expired yesterday eh? Kinda funny that the two crash waves in the last month occurred when the moon was in Capricorn. Oh and the next moon in Capricorn is Feb 11th which is a date duly noted here already. 

THE FIGHT YOU PART seems to me to be in April when there is an attempt to tax people who are not subject to it because they are not in USD. 

The THEN YOU WIN part is still a long way away I think it is revolving around the triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto out in 2020. Right now we are in the phase where it is IMPERATIVE to learn how to defend yourselves by learning TRADING and stop being a sitting duck. Ya know like making money the old fashioned way by earning it.  The current crytpo exchanges are already obsolete and run by geeks who are mostly HODL and would not know a bear even in a zoo. 


Is it real or Memorex

Posted in the don't panic lighten up section of SOTT

Actually not funny because I was a 11 11 11 observer due to the Calleman mayan count and that is really close to the start up of CERN. 

NOTE that was when it seemed to many of us truthers reality somehow became a past tense idea. 


Lions and Tigers and Bears


Wow that was some fast shifting of sentiment.. The carnage in BTC and crypto was big.. Couple of 100K billions went out the window yesterday there .. but the S&P did something too as it traced out a KEY REVERSAL day yesterday. A ton of "investors" had the realization that they were really traders and were unprepared for that.. Most who were rather happy gloating about how smart they were found out all about MR MARKET.  Mr Market is the enemy of those who don't know what is going on and stand around waiting  for him to shower them with wealth. Mr market loves informed and experienced traders and rewards them. Mr market is the decider on who wins.  Same as it ever was. 

There have been violations of support and a shifting of Ewave counts.. the astro last weekend was Sun Venus conjunction in a square to Uranus.. CHANGING VALUATIONS theme and now you see astro at work. The good part (silver lining) is the crytpos are responding to astro aspects and that makes it a lot more predictable than the zombie equity markets that have been mindfucked to the point of insanity. BTW wait for the equity market mavens to start to gloat and then expect them to deal with Mr market as well. If you have bearish trade tendencies you are getting in a good position now of getting ready to eat. 

I will be updating the new technical situation in the crypto section this am. BE SURE TO READ MY POST FROM YESTERDAY AFTERNOON THERE. 



One guy

One guy decided to steal 440 k of stellar lumens from a so called SECURE wallet yesterday and resulted in 150 billion in lost market cap last night. Carnage was across the board.
ETH triggered the trailing stop at 1220 that I noted on the chart page in the crypto section yesterday morning. The ETH long was from 775 to stopped out at 1220.. For now it is wait and see as far as ANY long trades in crypto. I am not a dip buyer I am a continuation signal buyer. 

Trapped in a long position with no exit?? I'm working on a way to help readers to trade on a much more professional platform that allows for hard stops and short selling ... give me a few days and I will give details. 


Venus squared Uranus over last weekend

This was actually Venus Sun conjunction squared to Uranus. By definition that says CHANGING VALUATIONS as it applies to market psychology. If I was an old school astro pundit I would be calling it a turn date over the weekend. I'm not into astro being called that so because that is also the way people thought of markets over a decade ago. I see CHANGE and VALUATION and let that be the theme.

ETH is making a divergent new high
BTC is making a nearly or just completed wave E of FOUR correction low since December high.
US equity is acting like a drunk driver running every light at high speed
Bond are hanging ten over a rather mean looking potential to finally reflect reality
Gold looks like that pretty girl in the corner waiting for you to talk to her.

So ya trend changes are in the air. The weekend Mercury Saturn conjunction is another factor called worry but it seemed to concentrate in manifesting in this eras version of duck and cover. Ya ya it was a fat finger on the wrong button. Think of the mental damage to kids who had no idea they could die in a minute. 

About that BTC chart .. The Dec high had a  the characteristics of a wave three high.. An over shoot in parabolic run.. Then the correction after as wave FOUR since has the psychology of confusion. "why is it not still going up. The confusion has to be discouraging to be meaningful and I think we are at that part now which is a sign the next move will be up into the capitulation phase going up to a new high lets say high enough to accomplish it at 22K more or less. Timing of the start of that rally to new highs is the tricky part. Nibbling now makes sense but there is NO BUY SIGNAL YET on my indicators.  

The next astro of significance is the lunar eclipse at months end that should bring in a highly emotional wave of traders acting on impulse so the next wave up to capitulation should be associated with that time frame. Watch for a huge hubris meme to develop in those who have been right and nay sayers to be silent. . 

HAHAHAHAHA.. If you are going to attempt to trade on this info please be advised that trading just on astro without sound technical reasons to back up your opinion is not wise. Be a good trader and use the tools you have available and keep in mind the FOUR AGREEMENTS
Don't take things personally
honor your words
always do your best.


Mercury Saturn conjunction

This aspect was exact yesterday and manifested as a scare in Hawaii that an incoming nuke was aimed at them.  That aspect manifests as a WORRY FACTOR and wow that was quite an example. Telling parents to hide their kids in storm drains??? Wow.

The aftermath of the false alert was "crazy," she told NBC Bay Area, and prompted people to run around on the streets "crying and screaming," wondering what to do.

That aspect is not all bad.. The Philly Eagles won yesterday to advance to the conference championship game yesterday with backup quarterback Nick Foles who had that conjunction land on him in a way that made him a steely eyed imitation of all pro starter Carson Wentz.. The game was one of the most tense (for fans) as I have seen in my 5 decades as a fan. A hand wringer from start to finish down to the last 4th and goal defensive stand with a few seconds left on the clock. Wow.. They were home underdogs. 
pretty cool


Contracts for differences

Contracts for differences have been around a long while but are NOT AVAILABLE to US residents But that is changing due to the emergence of crypto.. We at astroecon are at work now to blaze a trail out of the "company store" and we should have links and instructions on how to get an account in the next few days. I have used one based in the UK when I was working for the city of London bank 10 years ago and it is very clean and transparent way to trade crypto .... FX.. gold silver oil and a bunch of equity indexes stocks etc. All outside of US regs.. ( greedy controllers )... 

If you live outside of the USA you are lucky. If you are in the US it takes a bit more effort to get an account funded. Once you are out of the slave money system it feels like freedom. 


The forgotten asset class

In the midst of the crypto hype there is a laggard of interest. The new wealth of BTC becomes a difficult job in preserving that wealth due to exchange issues and high fees and potential regs and taxes.

Interesting discussion on Keiser report yesterday about Gold.. Keep in mind that it is FAR easier to convert crypto to phiz gold and silver than into the bankster FRNS and I would suggest that Stacy Herbert is right on with her doing some wealth protection now.  


Contacts for differences

Contracts for differences have been around a long while but are NOT AVAILABLE to US residents But that is changing due to the emergence of crytpo.. We at astroecon are at work now to blaze a trail out of the "company store" and we should have links and instructions on how to get an account in the next few days. I have used one based in the UK when I was working for the city of London bank and it is very clean and transparent way to trade crypto .... FX.. gold silver oil and a bunch of equity indexes stocks etc. All outside of US regs.. ( greedy controllers )

If you live outside of the USA you are lucky. 


Valid question

I would say in a more tactful way.. Who is pushing the USA into current immigration policy. Are they American first types or not. If not WFT. I think the answer is obvious and it is "people" who are either globalist from outside the US or zionists that want more slave voters to further "punish" the existing American population AKA white people. The dems have admitted they cannot win without illegal voters so you have that too. 


The Asians learn the pump and dump

Remember when the Chinese were going to shut down the crypto markets? Turned out to be fake news. Now S Korea is going to shut them down. The reaction is understandable with downward pressure on prices. In technical terms not much different today with eth still hanging ten in the bull move and the rest continuing to base out hopefully at a level that allows for a buy a dip soon. 

There is a battle going on with many exchanges dysfunctional and not taking new customers. High fees.. Slow as shit execution. This is going to force a lot of traders to shift over to the CME and sets up the new BTC etfs for great attention. Anything to keep the rubes in the USD casino. 

I am doing some work on the genesis block birth chart of BTC and it does appear to be sensitive to transits to that natal chart. I notice a big transit day Feb. 11th to keep on eye on. Details in the crypto section. 


The day the market died

No not the day after tomorrow.. It was on May 6th 2010.. rigger mortis did not set in until November 2011 when the the theft of billions by John Corzine went unpunished. There has NOT been price discovery since late 2011 and the rally in stawks ever since is a lot like financial pro wrestling.

The play by play action from the CME that day. May 2010 mini crash

Posted for those that think that the USD fiat currency denominated markets are "safe"


You better watch this

Just like in the matrix movie??

Wow what are we doing?? 


Prez O

I think I mentioned that the coming election in November 2018 would see a euphoric "win" by female political power. Hummm Got to say I was not thinking Oprah but it may as well be her. Hey I don't know maybe will be an improvement. 

The astro in front of the midterm is telling me that in essence trump will be a lame duck 1/2 way through his first term by a massive shift in congress. Then a woman wins the 2020 and that is ALL SHE WROTE for the good ol USA as we knew it. 


Big short position

I suspect the shorts are not all that aware of what BTC and the cryptos really are. I'm thinking Clint Eastwood saying FEELING LUCKY PUNK?? Of course it maybe fake news about it just to scare BTC holders out of their coins too.

I think this does explain why ETH has all of a sudden taken 2nd place in market cap and has risen to 1200 overnight. 


1996 all over again

I started this site in January 1996.. Ancient times when there were no html editors and email was too challenging for anyone over 30. The net was a patched up with duck taped unreliable mess on a good day. Yet the early adopters had an unbelievable head start in the biggest change in the economy since the invention of the steam engine. 

Years ago I advocated hedging USD exposure with 10% metal and 10% crypto. Few listened including close family who rolled their eyes. If someone had done it then they would have to rebalance that 10% crypto now by selling some crypto off and shifting it to phiz metal. Annnnndddd you would have some fun money to play with on top.. Maybe buy a Benz or a yacht. OR MAYBE buy some so called shitcoins like STELLAR with some of it. Lol I like the name and am going to start to follow that coin in the crypto trading section. 



People question Trump's sanity and I am not surprised. I don't think Trump is crazy but I do see him serving his masters. His cabinet is a collection of reps of the various crime syndicates who are forcing their will on policy to a point of insanity. Sessions is a tool of the big money narco mafia / police state that is the very definition of the swamp.

Losing support?

Locking up anyone using or growing a plant that has proven harmless when an epidemic of young people are dying of legalized opiates???  That is indeed insane.  

I do not think anyone who has been using pot is going to stop it because sessions has a bribe to pay off.. All it does is remove any shred of credibility of the so called law and I say fine we the people will take it upon ourselves to bypass the entirety of the slave system by creating an ALT ECONOMY. 


A buddy of mine for almost 2 decades CLIF HIGH is on a roll. Clif and I have collaborated various times over the years and it is great to see him getting his due. I am very impressed that he is so popular with younger people who need the guidance of an old dude who knows the ropes. LOL.. he is also popular out in the jungles of South America and rural China. Tip of the spear against the debt machine.


About war

Seeing the astro today and thinking we have peak bluster going on. Mars and Jupiter are Conjunct in Scorpio and in a sextile to Sun Venus and Pluto. This is powerful energy and not necessarily "bad" in a sense that it is likely someone blinks at least when it comes to North Korea. Iran maybe not as I see Israel behind what is going on there and we know what they want. 


Sessions... AKA monkey man

WTF man it is clear that the will of WE THE PEOPLE means nothing in DC.

Really he has nothing better to do than this? He serves as a pawn for the clinton/bush narco crime empire who is going lose out big if we the people can grow our own.  He serves the police and prison industry also who have STOLEN BILLIONS of taxpayers money in the fake war on drugs. He serves the interests of BIG BEER as if alcohol is some how OK when it is proven to be up there with opiates in destructive results.

If the gov wants people to respect the law it should be that the laws are respectable. 


OMG it is cold

I wonder how many tons of carbon it takes an hour to heat AlGore mansion?

LOL I am old enough to remember winter as god meant it to be. The warmist would like everyone to get amnesia and think this is something new and dont ya know that humans are causing it. 

There is clear evidence that the output of the sun has a DIRECT effect on earth temperature and guess what the location of the large gas planets relative to each other has a direct effect on the solar cycle and solar output. Some people would even call it ASTROLOGY.. HAHAHAHAHA


Hide the decline no longer

From Marty Armstrong

The danger to humans and civilization is COLD. Same as it ever was. The human caused global warmists are misdirecting the public for a few sheckles and the results in the longer term are going to be an extinction level problem the longer the real danger is ignored.