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Trump first 100 days edition

btw this site is OPINION

Provoking Putin Pt 2

Transiting Mars 17 Aries Pluto 18 Capricorn today and exact tomorrow the 22nd with a moon Pluto conjunction as a kicker. .. Very squared and is an aspect that hits Putin natal chart hard.. This is a deadly violence maker ..By far the most violent astrological aspect possible. I did not mention that transit in the post below because after 911 it seemed "someone" in high places understood the nature of that aspect set and every time one came up there was a red terrorist alert. I do NOT help the bad guys by giving them a heads up on a nasty transiting aspect so I said nothing last week as I have determined that astrology is being misused by very evil people. 

The death of the Russian Ambassador to the UN yesterday is going to be taken as an act of violence by Putin. VERY VERY dumb idea whoever came up with it. This is only the latest in a string of deaths in Russian diplomatic circles. Vlad might consider releasing EVERYTHING he has regarding 911 on the perps. 

Lemmings get OCD to make them want to mindlessly run off a cliff and the criminals in DC would rather have a war with Russia rather than be held accountable for trillions in theft. 


Pedo power

The power to make a politician commit treason against their country.. Plain and simple and is as old as the bible as a method of coercion. Nothing new under the sun but in the case of the USA has been behind 10s of trillions of wealth removal as well as millions of unnecessary deaths since 1988 or longer. (see Franklin bank scandal).. The Brits maybe have a bigger problem than the USA does. 

Our nation has been run by blackmail by foreign interests for at least 30 years. It's going to take a full flush of of aprox 30% of all of DC to make a dent in this.


Utopia of Oligarchs

The Left-Right are those masquerading as Republican Conservatives, when they are Marxist-Leftists and proponents of Global Governance and the New World Order.  They are the Paul Ryans, the Mitch McConnells, and the Newt Gingriches.  They are the pseudo-Republican politico’s in office presently and in the past who have those CFR slots and are working toward their fantasy: The Utopia of Oligarchs.

That goal is the enslavement and complete control of all of mankind with the elitists ensconced as the ruling moneyed class.  They see themselves as the educated, sensible minority with tender sensibilities and true humanistic views…who must…must…take a stand in the globalist crusade against the barbaric Neanderthals of the proletariat and populist serfs.

No comment necessary !!!!!



The deep state or maybe better said a rogue secret government is revealed to be the enemy of WE THE PEOPLE. Go figure the CIA was created to the same design specs as the nazi SS .. 

Jon Rappaport is an excellent read.  A corporation above the law??  A giant blackmail machine?? An ability to front run every financial market?? Explains a lot eh? 


I am old enough to remember WHEN the deep state took over. 1979 when Carter was swept out the door.. That was when the Bush family crime empire started to do the same thing to Carter as they are doing currently to Trump. HWB became defacto president just a few months into Reagan's first term. 37 years later and we have a problem?? 

For THREE almost 4 decades Americans have been suffering.   The GWB regime took the deep state to a level that the Deep State got away with 911 which was a multi level crime carried out on so many vectors with so many different beneficiaries it explains why the obvious blunders in execution never seemed to matter.  Then Obama comes along and was so over his head he simply took orders watched a lot of ESPN and DID NOTHING but enable the monster. 

The deep state controls BOTH parties and is very likely to be run top down by the mossad/ bankster cabal. They do not recognize Trump as their boss. The astro that peaks out at months end is clearly indicating a showdown.. The future of the USA is at stake and losing is not an option. 


Klattu Barada Nitko

From the scariest movie I ever saw as a little boy.. LOL. it was black and white on a 19 inch screen.. Caused me to have nightmares for months. 

"Klaatu barada nikto" is a phrase that originated in the 1951 science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still. The humanoid alien protagonist of the film, Klaatu(Michael Rennie), instructs Helen Benson (Patricia Neal) that if any harm befalls him, she must say the phrase to the robot Gort (Lockard Martin).

Today we have "alien" intelligence" in the form of AI... It is a silicon based life form.  A Star Trek Movie theme about the Borg collective seems to have become real life.

MAYBE just MAYBE the AI life form based on silicon has decided that the CARBON BASED life forms here on earth are getting in the way of the AI plans for the planet. Make no mistake ALL NATURAL LIFE on earth is CARBON BASED. Explains why carbon has been demonized eh??

Hillary would have been the perfect BORG QUEEN ... AI told all the carbon based supporters she would win. It appears the AI did not quite grasp the human element and thus is still at work trying to 'win". 

How do you turn it off????   Klattu Barada Nitko


Provoking Putin

Vlad Putin born on Oct 7 1952.. Natal Sun 15 Libra.. natal Saturn 17 Libra.. natal Neptune 21 Libra.. natal Mercury 23 Libra.. 

The transiting Mars Uranus conjunction in Aries opposed to Jupiter in Libra upcoming at months end  lands like a ton of bricks in Putin's chart .... Not necessarily in a bad way.. Right now Saturn is transiting over Putin's natal Mars in Sagittarius. Indeed this is a transit that is bound to make him REALLY ANGRY.. By months end that Saturn transit will be over but not the angst it is causing right now. All adds up to a f@*k this potential. 

I have a funny feeling that the bag of bones he has acquired about what has been going on a very long time in the USA might just see the light of day very soon. Putin has to know what went on Sept 11th 2001..  He has to know all about the theft of trillions in the 2008 episode.. He has to know all about the sandy hook and Boston false flags. He has names and evidence. 

 The shadow Gov criminals KNOW HE KNOWS and it explains why they are appearing to be mindless idiots.  I see a window here that has a potential to rip open the cover up of so much crime it will be a traumatic experience for the public if it ever comes out. There comes a point when concerns about the mental stability of most Americans is TRUMPED by the need to clean house. 



History rhymes
The panic of 1837


Within the United States, there were several contributing factors. In July 1832, President Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill to recharter the Second Bank of the United States (BUS), the nation's central bank and fiscal agent. As the BUS wound up its operations in the next four years, state-chartered banks in the West and South relaxed their lending standards, maintaining unsafe reserve ratios.[2] Two domestic policies, in particular, exacerbated an already volatile situation. The Specie Circular of 1836 mandated that western lands could be purchased only with gold and silver coin. The circular was an executive order issued by Andrew Jackson, and favored by Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri and other hard-money advocates. The intent was to curb speculation in public lands, but the circular set off a real estate and commodity price crash as most buyers were unable to come up with sufficient hard money or "specie" (gold or silver coins) to pay for the land. Secondly, the Deposit and Distribution Act of 1836 placed federal revenues in various local banks (derisively termed "pet banks") across the country. Many of these banks were located in western regions. The effect of these two policies was to transfer specie away from the nation's main commercial centers on the East Coast. With lower monetary reserves in their vaults, major banks and financial institutions on the East Coast had to scale back their loans, which was a major cause of the panic along with the real estate crash.[9]

We might have a repeat. If the stock market goes up more over the months ahead the fed is likely to raise rates in knee jerk fashion with their intent below the surface to derail the populist movement. This AUGUST a solar eclipse lands on the USA on the 21st in an area of the zodiac that coincides with the pre crash high print in 1987. There are already calls from credible pundits that some sort of market crash is ahead in the fall of 2017. 

What concerns me the most is not the chances of an 87 style market crash but the SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTIONS in 2019 and 2020. This is very fascist looking astro or maybe use the term totalitarian. The fight for the future course of the USA is at stake.  If the EL-ites have their way we will be hostage to a cashless panoptical police state by 2020 if the will of the people is ignored over the next 6 months. 


The next Andrew Jackson

I had this idea of Trump the new Jackson way back in 2015 when Trump was emerging.  History sure does rhyme at times. My hope from the start is Trump would take it upon himself to do what Jackson did which is to put CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY back in play. Jackson was the ONLY president to remove a private central bank once it had been established.

The similarity is not lost on Trump he hung Old Hickory portrait in the oval office. I very much doubt the plan to put Tubman on the 20 will ever happen. 

As I see the complexity of ending the fed as not likely it might be the next best thing as to produce THE PEOPLES MONEY as a competitive currency and let the public decide what they want to use for commerce between citizens. Bitcoin and a metal based intrinsic currency floating against the FRNs would cover both sides of the playing field. Give me that and I don't care what the fed does in terms of going cashless. 


Cow farts and dams

The game of blame humans for whatever is not "normal" continues.  I ask so who knows what is normal or not after 25 plus years of mind bending propaganda. Cal can spend 68 billion on a high speed rail yet fail to maintain the highest earthen dam on the continent.. Um makes sense eh?... The dam is failing and IT IS YOU EVIL CARBON MAKERS WHO ARE TO BLAME. 

NOAA was caught red handed last week fudging data to make it conform to the carbon tax masters expectations. No MSM coverage as best I can tell. 

Mars is at 12 Aries and will oppose the USA natal Saturn at 15 Libra on the 17th so that would be the astrological factor in the Oroville drama. Mars and Saturn scenarios are holding up energy flow just like a dam and then releasing it in a twig snapping crescendo. In other news Trump is being made to look like a rank amateur and it is clear that BOTH SIDES OF THE SINGLE PARTY SYSTEM are gleefully rooting for more embarrassing gafs and blunders. The upcoming Mars Uranus Jupiter astro looks like something unexpected and dangerous is afoot. A false flag operation cannot be ruled out in the next few weeks and it looks like a riot causing "incident" would be in the interest of the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE. 


Give them what they want

If confronted with a relentless liar who cannot even understand he is lying?  Trying to stop them with truths is usually fruitless.. That approach usually results in heads exploding and more of the same victim tactic. 

Trump seems to understand the concept. His appearing to give Israel anything they want is maybe the most brilliant way to stop the victim mentality I have ever seen. 

 Real life example. My eldest daughter was in college in DC area when 911 happened. I wanted to be sure she could get out of town if necessary so I provided her a really nice car which was supposed to stay parked for anything other than an errand or two. My plan was to give her the car for graduation in a few years. After a few months the car came back a rolling pile of broken parts at Christmas because she was driving back and forth to NYC every week. She racked up 5K plus miles in only 3 months it was more wear than a NYC taxi would suffer. She complained the car was broken and daddy big bucks should fix it. I threw her the keys and gave her the car on the spot.. Problem solved.  The car then sat in the university parking lot as I had originally intended. 


Lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse on the 10th.. This is a rather tame lunar eclipse with Sun and Moon in soft aspects to Sun Moon Saturn and Uranus.  This is energetically similar to the great American eclipse on August 21st. Lunar eclipses are emotive peaks and in the situation at hand could produce some more counterproductive demonstrations and such. Whatever it will be a few days of fake paid demonstrations and the focus will be on the VERY strong Solar eclipse 2/26 which I do expect to be seriously disruptive energy. 


Government by blackmail

Wonder why politicians seem so weird?? THEY ARE

William Binney blew the whistle on this many years ago and was persecuted for it. He stated that ONLY TAINTED POLITICIANS WERE ABLE TO CLEAR THE VETTING PROCESS. If a candidate was "clean" they never were vetted. 

Hey the problem is worse in the UK so it is not just limited to the USA. Not much talk about WHO BENEFITS from putting a huge amount of blackmailed pols in power. One only has to look back at this link to understand it. Was the gulf war a result of blackmail from the top down HW Bush admin??? Recent revelations like pizzagate pale in comparison.


Watching what does not happen

What does NOT happen is more revealing than what does happen.

All the "concern" about a few 10ths of a degree warming from the cooked data and not a hint of it for Fukushima. Meanwhile everyone eats sushi. 


Bush themed Super Bowl

Did you notice that they rolled a fossil out on the field for the coin flip?

Did you notice the thousand points of light in the halftime show? 

I think it is very funny actually to see so many big shows / events that were long in planning that are now way OUT OF CONTEXT with the reality of the post election world?  HW has been the single most toxic person to the well being of everyday Americans in US history. The crimes are so deep that it would take an encyclopedia to detail them. 

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." ...George H.W. Bush


Haters back off

The pic above of the DVD cover says a LOT. The curl of the lip is dripping with hate.. The left is so self righteous they have no clue that they are feeling hate themselves and are projecting it on anyone who see things differently.. Even gay right wing Milo cannot have a deferent opin..  Kinda seems a lot like a specific ethnic group of chosenites that provoke people relentlessly and then cry foul when the inevitable reaction occurs. 

 People who are into hate MUST project it onto others. And then think of themselves as all lovey lightly and all that. Must be the prozac or something.. 


Eclipse month

You could call this crazy beyond batshit. I hesitate to say too much about this eclipse because I know that the "people" behind the SJW and other Alinsky tactics would love to know when is a good time to do as much damage as possible. This eclipse has the ingredients for an "American spring" the only problem is the left is so anti American it has epic fail written all over it. I'm getting fed up myself and I have a grip on my anger more than most people. It might be in the cards that regular Americans who have been shit on since 1992 are not going to take it anymore. The anti everything crowd might find out what the term BLOWBACK is about. 

Sigh.. I was a protester in the late 60s-early 70s because I was going to be turned into a SLAVE of the military and be forced to kill people I had no beef with. I saw friends brothers come home in a body bag... Today's leftists are complaining about their confused perceptions are not the same as mine are. Today's protesters are unwitting followers of Saul Alinsky who was the single most NEGATIVE influence hijacking my generation by militarizing those of us protesting who did not want to fight in a war that made no sense. Jerry Rubin Abby Hoffman and Jerry Brown etc are same school as the paid protesters of today. Almost all of the tactics being used by the left now are right out of the Alinsky's playbook. Big fans of Alinsky are Hillary and Obama. If you don't understand that simple fact you cannot grasp what is going on. 

So heads up and get ready to resist the resisters. This aint Algeria or Egypt and armed citizens fed up with treasonous behavior just might get a notion to fight back. Not saying I would be happy about it but everyone who just wants to get back to having a NORMAL LIFE without communist masters might be up for a rumble soon. 


High Time

Mexico has threatened the USA with "we're gonna unleash the drug cartels on you" as a response to Trump's wall. Kinda funny if you consider that Mexico is a narco state. LOL.. I thought Mexico had already unleashed the drug cartels on the USA.

Maybe it is time to de-fund the cartels by a blanket legalization of "drugs" for personal use? Portugal did it a few years ago and it cut drug crime AND addiction rates by a huge percentage.  The war on drugs has been in force since Nixon and was originally aimed at us hippies who were resisting the draft. The "laws" were designed to make it easy to arrest the resisters. 

Just like during prohibition the war on drugs created a windfall of profits for criminals including the CIA shadow gov. The amount of bribes from those profits amounted to 100s of billions up and down the food chain in the drug world and the banks have been caught repeatedly laundering the cash. Wars took place to control supplies. (Afghanistan / Laos). The gov spend a trillion on enforcement and only caused the prices of street drugs to increase and a river of cash flowed back into corrupt politicians pockets. 

The crime wave in the cities is largely to pay for drugs that are only expensive due to scarcity generated by the war on drugs.. Big pharma pushed opiates on the rest of the country .. In my state 750 million doses of Oxy were prescribed here in my state of West Virginia (pop 1.5 million) in the last 10 years. Especially in the last 5 years a plague of heroin addiction has swept into upper middle class 20 somethings in the burbs of the Northeast. 

Trump has too much common sense to allow this to continue.  The swamp is filled with illegal cash from the war on drugs. Law enforcement might need to focus on actual criminals and not on drug users who are actually victims of a screwball system that creates more crime. The ONLY way to solve the problem is to make drug pushing unprofitable. It might also have a spillover effect to end the war on cash as a byproduct. 


Mars Uranus conjunction

You can feel it already.. The conjunction is not even in orb yet but the tensions are felt like a bow wave in front of a large ship. We are headed for showdown at the Ok corral  if congress does not get on with Trumps cabinet choices being confirmed. Congress is frickin controlled by the republicans?? WTF  The 5th column of shadow gov  is identifying itself that is for sure. 

I would not be wasting time... If trump figures out to do everything himself without a Cabinet he might be inclined to like it and the republicans in congress would be left being less relevant. 

You can see markets are starting to react to the reality of unknown unknowns.  Obviously Trumps enemies are willing to help it along as they would rather see trump fail than make America great. Showdown could be an understatement. 


The stick and hornets nest

A great surprise to many that Trump would actually do as he promised. WHAT PART OF RE ESTABLISHING THE BORDER do they not understand. HAHAHA.. Trump seems intent of provoking insiders who are 5th column operatives to identify themselves. 

Nice move in Quebec as it is so perfectly timed to induce fears after Trumps 90 day suspension of immigration from just 7 countries. I see the timing of the attack and see an attempt to focus the fears on Trump policies. NOTE.. Canadians are much more naive than Americans when it comes to faked events or false flags.. Clueless is about the right term. Sadly I note my friends to the north are waaaaay more infested with parasites than the USA is and don't even know the parasites are sucking the life out of them. ... I also note that a HUGE amount of "content" on TeeVee is now produced in Canada and that means a huge number of marginally employed ACTORS are in Canada now and I think that is where the crisis actors are recruited from. 

I noted the incident over the weekend came when Mars entered Aries and could be a tune up to a much bigger "event" coming at the end of February when Mars and Uranus make a conjunction in opposition to Jupiter.  Would be really great if this period ahead has a caught red handed over reach moment to demonstrate once and for all who is behind the curtain. 


Taxing robots as people

No secret that even 15 an hour burger flippers are being replaced by robots. A worker who is flesh and blood has to pay 7% to social security and the employer another 7%.. Not only that a large corp has to provide some relief in the form of Ocare costs. A 15 an hour worker probably costs an employer 25 an hour including tax and benefits. 

A burger flipping robot can replace 2..3.. 5 human workers. I was self employed my entire working life so I got to pay both the worker and employer side of the social security tax. RIGHT OFF THE TOP no deductions for other taxes. 

Is it time to measure a standard worker OUTPUT PER HOUR and set that as a benchmark as in say Horsepower but for for humans. What if a single robot replaces 100 workers output. 

If a robot replaces 5 workers then it stands to reason that the robot owner should make up the lost taxes on those 5 workers.... As things stand now a robot cost can be depreciated at a rate maybe over only 5 years. No deprecation for flesh and blood workers. 

IF THE TAX ON ROBOTS IS DONE FAIRLY WE FLESH AND BLOOD WORKERS CAN SUDDENLY BECOME COMPETITIVE WITH ROBOTS. Maybe the words SOCIAL SECURITY will mean something again. Might a day come that robots actually WORK FOR THE WORKERS and not exclusively for the employer? We better decide really soon because 80% of you out there can be replaced by a robot. 


Constitutional money

Since 1862 with the passage of the Legal Tender Act  Congress 
began forcing the people to use counterfeit money to acquire the goods and services they wanted.

In 1913 the counterfeiting operations were transferred from Congress to a privately held corporation known as the Federal Reserve. By using their Federal Reserve Notes we are essentially acquitting the goods and services we need by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve. 

and cannabis



Our Rockefeller medicine that has been pushed on the public for 100 years will be considered WORSE than medieval medicine one day soon. Here is the story of how we went from a balance between homeopathic and allopathic medicine and arrived at the present where medicine is a herd management industry and NOT healthcare. 

James Corbett vid ROCKEFELLER MEDICINE. Amazing revelations including the fact the Rockefeller original fortune was made selling patent medicine (snake oil)


Dow 20,000 party

HAHAHAHA.. Could be a very long party considering the Dow 10,000 party lasted about 10 years and crossed back and forth over that round number about a 1000 times.  The DJIA average really likes a big round number. 

Is this time different? There are several windows on the timeline this year that could be breakout higher and not look back periods. We are heading into one at the end of February. The tricky part is trading that info. If the astro plays out as an all out speculative frenzy into late February then maybe look at the 1987 market as a guide to 2017. No doubt as a round number 20K would be a downside target of a correction if a 20% move above current prices occurs before August. (Great American Eclipse 8/21)


Make small business great again

In the dying days of the Carter admin we boomers had suffered through 15 years of nonsense called an economy. I was working for 4 dollars an hour. I could not afford to live on that. I had no choice but start a small business and just happened to start it in the very beginning of the Reagan admin. Reagan ... an ACTOR.. was an asswipe to me at the time but I did benefit from his policies to help small business. From the startup after only the second year I had already saved enough money to buy a lot with cash and build a home. TWO YEARS!!!

I was AMBITIOUS in spite of the fact I was a pothead.. LOL. My secret to success was to do all the little things right that my competition was doing wrong. I kicked ass. I ran that biz for 20 plus years making several million BEFORE I started my second biz called AstroEcon. 

So if you young guys want to make more than 10 dollars an hour you are going to get a chance to actually succeed.. YOU CAN "BUILD THAT".... 



Trump Acceptance Reality Disorder


Big pharma has a golden opportunity to invent a new disorder so a pill can be created to control it.  BEEEEELIONS in profit to the industry. A heroic dose of LSD could be a cure but big pharma is never interested in any actual cure. I suspect they will come up with a cocktail of SSRIs nick named "the straight jacket".  


As usual read the hysterical comments. hat tip to the one who came up with the title of this post. 


God given abilities

The length of time the project was acknowledged to be in existence, nearly 20 year, suggests that it the results of the project were promising enough to keep funding it to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over two decades. The idea that the program simply became public in 1995, and was ended after 20 years, is a naïve proposition. There is great likelihood that the program was simply rolled over into another Special Access Black Budget Program (SAPs) – meaning that all of the information and findings within these programs remains secret and unknown to the mainstream world.

One of the functions of the project early on was to find people who have natural ability that the gov could harness. Kinda funny really because having functional ability requires a high moral character and especially so when it comes to lying. Not an esay task to find people who had not blinded their own third eye with lies. The RV project in the 70s focused on tapping people who had very little knowledge of their ability prior to their participation. 

And if you lie you will lose it,
Feelings will show.
So don't you ever abuse it,
Don't let it go.

..............................................Eric Clapton.. 

So what happened is the level of frustration increased to a point where the major players, MICHAEL AQUINO in particular, resorted to satanism as a workaround. What we have seen especially since the project was admitted to in mid 1990s was it had morphed itself into a satan club of cracked souls who used any and all methods including pedo and trauma based techniques to "enhance" their perception of having what would otherwise be quite natural to a non evil person. 

I believe things went from bad to worse from 1995 on because the details of various CIA / bankster plots and crimes kept leaking into the minds of people like myself in advance and there was no way to stop us from seeing. Their fears included firing Ingo Swann who was a key man for being a telepath who could see into their minds. 

Based on Mr Trumps birth chart I see him as a natural. Sun Uranus conjunction trined to Jupiter with Moon Mars adding a booster. Trumps chart is GREAT!!!! Misusing his ability is not indicated. I don't think he lies much because he knows that a breach of trust is bad for business and I also think he sees through a liar quickly. Imagine what is possible when a president has a functional third eye.. The founding fathers were mostly masons who were well trained in the art of seeing. LOL.. as the song says IF YOU LIE YOU WILL LOSE IT. 


The right to move act

We need this.. the single most negative part of the 2008 debacle is an actual worker who has for reasons not of his own doing trapped by an un-saleable house/with mortgage. So instead of being able to move to a new place with better opportunity the only thing available is a bartender / convenience store part time job in the locally depressed economy. You could call it workers wearing cement shoes. 

This problem extends to punitive lease terms on rentals as well. Lets say you FINALLY find an out of town full time job after looking for months and then find out you are on the hook for rent for close to a year. Do you dump the wife and kids on welfare to take the job?? Many have done that here where I live. Lots of single parent households here. 

In a functional economy a worker can move to greener pastures without penalty. And do it without breaking up the family.. or suffering from credit score damage.. 

Lets face it the FED owns the vast majority of mortgage paper and Fed cronies still own the vast amount of foreclosed property now turned into rentals..  Some sort of UNDER USED HOUSE bank is a solution where workers can switch property with others in the same situation elsewhere and the MEGA BANKS THAT OWN THE PAPER ON THOSE HOMES are required to do the paperwork necessary to accomplish a move to facilitate the switch. 

Of course this is simple but then again the 2008 reforms make it PROFITABLE for the SERVICING BANKS if the home owner just defaults.. How bout a lease to own option where a homeowner who has equity can transfer that equity to a new location without penalty. And if a worker has negative equity the BANK has to eat the loss without generating a tax problem for the worker. hahaha.. Too simple? 100 million workers are out of the workforce because they cannot afford to move to a place that has a job for them. 

 I hope this idea lands on Mr Trump's desk. 


Stop feeding the dragon

If you want to succeed you have to stop feeding the corps that suppress your rights.. A good place to start is AMAZON. STOP PAYING THEM 100 FOR PRIME. This is a corpse of a corp that sucks the life out of everything even Wal-Mart. Now THAT is impressive in an evil sort of way. On top of that they are in the fake news biz with WoPo and work for the CIA to mind fuck you on the net. Start there and BTW cut the cable and make it be known when you do it that you are NOT going to pay CNN every month whether you watch it of not. 

The banksters can be at least tamed if you and I refuse to borrow money from the top of the pyramid. If you need to borrow join a credit union. Pay off any credit card every month do not carry a credit balance.. 

Be patient with your reality challenged friends. Many of them will get worse before they either have a total breakdown or get a grip on the unreality they have been steeped in the last 25 years. You may have to give up on some of them. Kinda strange to see the flip side of the peace and love 60s manifest as such hypocritical hatred eh? It was like a Seinfeild show rioting about nothing yesterday almost like they were doing it for pay rather than having an actual cause. hahahahaha

 Give Trump some credit for handing the last 4 presidents their balls in a jar yesterday. He made some very bold promises and I for one will raise hell if he backs down on them. I see the fight as just starting and it will take 20 years at least to fix a problem of criminals running government that started in November 1963. The grand poobaa of evil HW Bush almost met his maker yesterday and that was about the only thing I was disappointed about. 



A new president is inaugurated on the day that the sun enters AQUARIUS. Ha someone very wise picked that date. Aquarius is the sign of WE THE PEOPLE and not the saturnised EL-ite which is a Capricornian feature.... 

I am very optimistic as far as what the very strongly positive astro has in store this year. Let it be known that positive is a relative term because the old/new world order is not likely to be happy about the changes and are likely to organize many impediments to the well being of WE THE PEOPLE. 

I think those of us who have been studious about the truth have to understand that a change of the magnitude we are undertaking is not supposed to go smoothly or it could be stopped.  Change usually happens in sudden ways and this will be demonstrated in February when a solar eclipse and a Mars Uranus to Jupiter opposition takes place at the end of February. 

The equity markets have been in over optimism mode since the election. It is POSSIBLE you aint seen nothin yet. The Mars Uranus Jupiter energy late February is recklessly optimistic. All the fear based hedging for a disaster from the libs side might just be the speculative fuel needed to produce a rare UPCRASH in equity. We are not talking bull market we are talking MOON SHOT. I am not promising such an outcome but would be remiss to not warn you that it is a greater possibility than a downcrash of any significance at least from now until AUGUST. The odds favor the upside continuing considering the astro and it would not be a surprise that the markets rose up to a 1929/1987 type of nose bleed high around the time of the Great American eclipse on August 21st. 

 NOTE.. a post inauguration downdraft is a set the hook move to get the emotional driven anti Trump traders all beared up. 

So enjoy the ride. I think it might be brilliant that Trump has brought in the Goldman boys at least in the start of his presidency.. I think the other 4 fed banks some of whom are clearly enemies of Trump are going to be a bit wary of causing trouble at least near term. Sad but true Goldman seems the least rotten at the bottom of the apple barrel. 

Don't be surprised if a new alliance forms this summer between USA Russia and post brexit UK to replace NATO. 

Don't be surprised if Israel starts to chatter about the Samson option again. A USA Russia alliance would be a direct threat to Israeli hegemony over the anglo west. 

Don't be surprised to find out that Hillary has a massive multi decade blackmail operation revealed. It might be time to do a mandatory lie detector test on ALL government officials to find out if they have been blackmailed into being in the service of the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE. We can start with McCain and Graham.