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Over on the right of this page is what I am willing to say. I am very aware that saying too much is more helpful to the bad guys than to the few good spirited traders left so COY is the way I write these days. 

My purpose here is of a spiritual nature now. I work for free and don't ask for anything other to for a reader consider what is posted here. I have done what I can to not be some sort of guru and do not like being pretentious if I can avoid it. I know my writing style is a bit "blunt" but I don't know any way to express myself but blunt so please forgive me. OH and I have a great need of an editor so forgive me for that too. 




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Brave new world

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Rebranding Trump

The big eclipse is past.. Looks like the US equity markets are buy the dippy here. 
Trump says he know wants to WIN in Afganistan. LOL they all say that. 
Mr Magoo drives our warships.. who knew.. 
My expectation about the president is now lower than low.. Learning to be a statesman on the fly looks he like a 7th round draft pick going up against a starter. 

The astro focus is now on the full moon Sept 6th.. Neptune is conjunct the new moon so dont expect much except FOG.. The big event with the last Jupiter Uranus opposition will be mostly seen after that full moon. 


The new crypto called BRAVE

The crypto markets are starting to get very very interested. The BTC and ETH markets are trading against the USD in an antagonistic way most days. USD up cryptos down. Logic right?? 

Not so fast.. There is a whole host of coins and tokens being created weekly that are subsets of the main coins BTC and ETH and they do not trade directly in USD.. The reason is there is HUGE MONEY trapped in crypto space that becomes problematic if it comes out of the exchanges back into USD thus going back into federal reserve banks. A little thing called TAXES. So what to do if the USD goes up and BTC goes down?? HIDE IN THE BASEMENT. The basement is this ever growing list of sub coins that are generally held more by insiders who have no reason to sell off their holdings. My buddy calls this SLOSHING.. 

Talking to an expert in this matter it is reported that huge amount of crypto wealth is being created in the basement level.  If BTC drops with no where to go except cash out into USD and be taxed seems like a plan at least for a while. . 

Some of these new coins/tokens are interesting.. Remember when BTC was like a 10th of a cent?? 

BAT. a new coin or token. 

I have stated more than a few times here that humans have an INTRINSIC VALUE called ATTENTION.. Paying attention is the currency that in a spiritual sense is the REAL POWER WE ALL HAVE. After all we are made into slaves being made to pay attention in a JOB in exchange for FRNs.. Advertisers pay HUGE FRNs to capture your attention for just a few seconds.. Indeed attention is a currency. hahaha.. Stealing your attention is kinda criminal is it not??  

Finally someone else gets it.. The new coin BAT and browser called BRAVE pays for your attention. Down the road when robots take everyone's job the only currency left to earn is going to be paying you for your attention. The augmented reality schemes ahead are going to be become a LOT of unemployable people's new "job".

 Note I have it installed but the spell check is not functioning. Hey beta dont ya know but is not crashing my computer.
Seems to NOT need an ad blocker. I think I will be getting paid in bats one day soon  but ONLY when I CHOSE to see ads. Think about how PURPOSEFULLY annoying most ads have become and how this will change that.

BAT: Coming Soon

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