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Trading Consultation

Experience Robert Hitt's decades of expertise at looking directly at the global market conditions, 
knowing the past and seeing into the future combined with real-time technical analysis.

Chat live with Robert Hitt 
Trading Consulting -- $200/hour

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Astrology Consultation

Experience Robert Hitt's 50 years of expertise in evaluating 
astrological conditions and their effects on the past, present and future.

Chat live with Robert Hitt 
Personal Consulting
-- $200/hour

Outstanding advancement
tools for understanding your uniquely individual and personal inner and outer technology. 

Astrological Reading - Natal Chart (Geocentric ~ Tropical)
A Natal chart reading will provide an personalized interpretive synthesis of the unique framework of your operating system.  -- $350 (includes a personalized chart and 2-hour live interpretation with current and upcoming transits/aspects).

Human Design Chart Reading
A personalized Human Design reading offers an interpretive graphic synthesis of our unique genetic framework as it's tied to the ancient wisdom of astrology and the I-Ching. This chart combines both the conscious and unconscious systems, via the RaveBodyGraph and RaveMandala, that together have been described as the most accurate personal profiling system in the world. The Human Design chart identifies what it is that operates on our being and infuses life energy. It teaches us how to make correct individuated decisions.  -- $350 (includes personalized charts and a 2-hour live interpretation reading).

Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile Reading
An essential tool for self-realization that combines the Human Design and Natal charts, the Gene Keys are tied to the 64 hexagrams (archetypes) of the I-Ching (the code of life) which have been found to be virtually identical to the human genetic code. Coupled with astrological data tied to specific birth time and place, this in-depth reading identifies the gifts that form the vibratory field of your individual genius and will assist in launching the voyage for unlocking your higher purpose. -- $400 (includes a personalized chart and 2-hour live interpretation reading).

Upcoming Astrological Planetary Transits/Aspects Personal Reports 
    3 month - $30
    6 month - $50
    1 year - $75

Personal Solar Return Report (1 year look ahead at Transits/Aspects)
1 year - $50

Personal Relationship Report 
For 2 people - $70

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