The dawning of the age of Aquarius

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                                                                                                                                       So WHEN? hum looking at 1/11/2021


This is when a new congress and new president enter the picture. 
Mars square Saturn and semi square from Neptune to both. LOL did woke become broke?
note that this chart shows a possible financial market turmoil. peace and love goes into woke to broke it would seem 

Saturn squared Uranus and mars in a very close to exact T square 6/30/2021 

This looks like a potential systemic issue or a natural disaster. Might be a global cooling event. 

4/12/2022. Jupiter exact conjunction to Neptune at 24 Pisces. lol a good day for the Jesus guy to return? haha maybe a fake Jesus gets passed off on the congregations? Christian Zionists beware. 


Pluto ingress into Aquarius May 2023

The Pluto in Aquarius generation starts to be born. this generation is the polarity of the Pluto in Leo baby boomers. not snowflakes that is for sure. Pluto in Aquarius people will Love the old rock and roll from the 60s and 70s  and understand the hidden message. " and a new day will dawn for those who stand long and the forests will echo with laughter." 

 OMG good it might make you cry.


A  Work in progress  by Robert Hitt
updated on 8/20 so far 


I'm working on this white paper about when the does the age of Aquarius actually start??.

Taking a long look at  the astroecon birth chart at the top of the home page I see it has mercury mars and Uranus on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius and this triple conjunction lands  on the astroecon midheaven which I put there ON PURPOSE by intention on day one
lol I think the answer to the great question about when the start of Aquarius is going to dawn is MY JOB to answer that question because I made it my job lol from the very first day of this site's existence I was born 9/13/1952 to be the rooster at the crack of dawn.  

Enjoy the work posted so far especially the links to the music that made me the man I am today. hehe



Best shot I see for the DAY that the new age begins is 1/11/2021. Could be we are witness to a historic outcome in the 2020 election mess. Lets hope for a libertarian outcome in a landslide to be the shot heard around the world in November 2020 with a brand new USA government in 2021 lead by WISE PEOPLE. A Weld Gabbard ticket???

So what should we expect when our collective dream comes true

There was a very large metaphysical movement that spread by musical magic around the world  after the 1967 summer of love and during the late 1960s which was encoding ideas about the THE DAWNING OF THE NEW AGE woven into the rock and roll LYRICS  of the  the 60s and also into the mid 1970s and beyond thus spreading the good news about the  the big event  to come,  the DAWN of the new age. 
After all Woodstock festival in 1969 was specific  about the intention and named itself  AN AQUARIAN EXPOSITION

Lol the 5th dimension was very  early working the theme
                             When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars 
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius Age of Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius 
Harmony and understanding Sympathy and trust abounding No more falsehoods or derisions Golden living dreams of visions Mystic crystal revelation And the mind's true liberation Aquarius


Battle of ever more

live best performance
with lyrics

"i'm waiting for the angels of Avalon , waiting for the eastern glow"

Blackmore's rainbow
Dio at his best

"life's not a wheel with chains made of steel so bless me come the dawn   so bless me!"

Doors break on through 1970 live

Are you experienced?  the best cover
OMG the lyrics

perhaps when the dawn actually breaks through things as they are now will change if Graham Hancock succeeds in his fight against the war on consciousness


 Wow Yes song AWAKEN. great lyrics worth studying



Workings of man
Crying out from the fire set aflame
By his blindness to see 
That the warmth of his being
Is promised for his seeing 
His reaching so clearly 

Workings of man
Set to ply out historical life
Regaining the flower of the fruit of his tree
All awakening
All restoring you 

Master of light
All pure chance
As exists cross divided
In all encircling mode
Oh closely guided plan
Awaken in our heart 

Master of soul
Set to touch
All impenetrable youth
Ask away
That thought be contact
With all that's clear
Be honest with yourself
There's no doubt 
No doubt 

OH MY I am going to blow your mind when you realize what you have been listening to and loving all those years.

No quarter Zeplin



HIGH HOPES. my most fav song ..the lyrics say it all.

rattle that lock

And all the other travellers
Become phantoms to our eyes
Furies and the revellers
The Fallen angels in disguise

No discord, chance or rumour
Is going to interrupt this place
No discord, chance or rumour
To interrupt this

So let's get to it
It's calling like a flame
Through the darkness and the night
The world suspended on a golden chain


The NEW DAY WILL DAWN when magic mushrooms are legalized. let it be let it be there will be an answer.  
The psyconaughts of the 60s and 70s will be the elders of a gentle race sung about in the led zep song

Kashmir Heart cover

Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face
With stars to fill my dreams
I am a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been

Sit with elders of the gentle race
This world has seldom seen

Talk of days for which they sit and wait
All will be revealed