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My purpose here is of a spiritual nature now. I work for free and don't ask for anything other to for a reader consider what is posted here. I have done what I can to not be some sort of guru and do not like being pretentious if I can avoid it. I know my writing style is a bit "blunt" but I don't know any way to express myself but blunt so please forgive me. OH and I have a great need of an editor so forgive me for that too. 




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The gods must be crazy

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Protect your eyes

Doctor, my eyes have seen the years
And the slow parade of fears without crying
Now I want to understand

I have done all that I could
To see the evil and the good without hiding
You must help me if you can

Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what is wrong
Was I unwise to leave them open for so long


Trump = the Republican Jimmy Carter

The last time the American people won a round with the deep state was 1976 when Carter won.. The deep state is predictable if nothing else so they spent the next 4 years in punishment mode and the Cater admin was reduced to rubble by the fed. 14% mortgages.. 

So we are seeing the same thing with Trump. The fed is the all powerful OZ hiding behind a curtain.. The American people CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO WIN.. There is a difference between now and 1976 which is called CRYPTO. There is an antidote now which was gold in the late 1970s.. The fed was keen on going cashless and it would have been a fact already had Hillary won. Now the fed's cashless plan of total control is causing unintended consequences because it seems there is a workaround... BTC and the cryptos ... When all currency is made into electronic fictions then there will be competition.. The FRN is structured to decline in value over time.. That is the ONLY way that the money to pay interest is created.. LOL they call it "growth" but is borrowing more to pay the interest by increasing the money supply.  FRN is NOT value it is the opposite of value it is an IOU that says someone owes you something of value for the paper. Given a choice no one would use it  but they have the IRS and police to enforce it.. 

Considering the astro with the eclipse on Monday we have seen enough batshit already but the arguments about who gets to rewrite history is only the smoke not the fire. The fire is the instability of being forced to use ponzi money as a means of exchange. THE FRN is the same as confederate money and by golly they even located said central bank in RICHMOND the capital of the confederacy.. 

I have been watching the price charts of BTC a while now and indeed am kicking myself for not buying in when it was 3 dollars a coin. I have noticed that UNLIKE the centrally planned western financial markets BTC is responding to reason and astrological influences.. It appears to be a HUMAN DRIVEN MARKET and cannot be sold short. 

At 4K a coin BTC is no longer a bargain but the flip side is it is becoming a TRADABLE vehicle being an antagonist to the FRN. It appears the cat is out of the bag and no reason I can see that BTC cannot double in a month in climactic fashion when Jupiter and Uranus are in the last opposition exact in late September. BTW the FRN has ALREADY CRASHED against BTC since the election and all that is left is the final CAPITULATION phase.. Consider the post September period to be a needed correction in a relentless and mathematically sound bull market.  Like 1987. I think in a round number way so lets say there is a spike up to 6K or 10K in Sept and then a "crash" of 38% which is where my talent might come into play as it seems to me the best dip I have ever seen was the 1987 crash low and yada yada "history rhymes". 

The FED was born 12/24/1913 .... LOL the fake Jesus birthday. Hummm.. Saturn is going to do a number on the FED birth chart in the coming year.. HOW LOW CAN THE FRN NOTES GO AGAINST BTC??  Think WEIMAR.. 


Bright idea?? NOT

Not satisfied with messing around with the atmosphere the "rocket scientists" at NASA have come up with a way to stop the Yellowstone super volacano..

One would think that they would want to test on a very small volcano first... One would think. BUT MODELS ... no testing required..   Hey lets poke a tiger in the eye with a very short stick. LOL.. Maybe the stories about Atlantis destroying itself and the majority of the earth with it is like a parody about the "future?? 


Well Said

.....many citizens await Monday’s spectacle of a total solar eclipse in parts of the country. They apparently don’t realize that another eclipse has been underway for months: the total eclipse of reality across the entire landscape of the USA. 

that has been an event to behold, not just some twenty-minute freak of astronomy. What’s being blacked out is the perilously fragile condition of the financial system - a great groaning Rube Goldberg contraption of accounting fraud, grift, statistical deceit, and racketeering that pretends to support the day-to-day activities of our national life.


The Aztecs were the spawn of the Mayan and the Mayans were spawn of the Olmecs. 
No one knows when the idea of sacrifice was started. One thing for sure the priests were aware of celestial mechanics but not the people. Are we any different today?? 

 Clip of Apocalypto eclipse

This eclipse land on the 28th degree of Leo.. Leo is the kingly sign of the zodiac.. The symbology of a king being eclipsed by the madness of crowds certainly seems appropriate. The attempt to topple Trump is oh so obvious. 

Astrology has a mostly bad name being associated with the Aztecs but this is not the only culture that misused astrological information. I know for a fact that the EL-ites of today know and use astrology for their own benefit as does the vatican. How well they use it another matter but several astrologers I know of have been combining astro and algos in a an AI reality bending way as far as markets are concerned. Astrology is not the problems the INTENTION of individuals using it is the problem. 

As I have stated earlier the eclipse itself usually shows up on market lows of various technical significance and the 14 day before and after lunar eclipse/full moon is where the emotional peaks are located. The lunar on August 7th was indeed on a dow high and IF markets are down today Friday 8/18 it might generate a technical condition that creates a black Monday event ... The Dow has near term technical support at 21300 so a quick stab down to that level would be a place to look at for a spike low in terms of PRICE. We will see..... 



The zombie apocalypse has arrived un-noticed by the 99%. 
The zombies are dead people animated into "life" or maybe best called UNDEAD..

 CORPORATIONS are dead people hence the word derives from CORPSE. Zombies feed on the living. 

The political balance in the country formerly called the USA was tipped into chaos when citizens united case by SCOTUS ruled in 2010 that corporations are people. Corps have the benefit of NOT being a living being. Do corps go to hell?? 

This is WORSE than fascism. Corps are psychopathic by design. Designed to be EVIL they go about business as a psychopath would without any of the responsibility of being a living sane person. 

Imagine in the future when this "flaw" in our social-economic structure is rectified.. The consequences of doing business would fall back on the living persons responsible for negative outcomes. No more hiding behind legal language. Maybe even a few bankers would go to jail. 

Of course the 99% do not know that right after birth THEY WERE CONVERTED INTO A LEGAL FICTION and became a corpse themselves..  A dead person has no rights btw. Explains everything. 


I love it when someone saves me the wasted time spent on writing something relevant.


Everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun was eclipsed by the moon


Red-Ice hacked

Henrik was one of the supporters of the unite the right demonstrations last weekend.
The red-ice web site was hacked in a very similar way that my own site was in 2009. I hope they can recover better than I was able to do. I determined I was powerless to stop the attacks back in 2009 which was the reason why I demonetized astroecon. I left no crack open to attack my site but also have no revenue. 

Henrik explains

The last few years red ice has been one of the more professional web sites focused on race issues specifically an international war on "whites" sponsored by globalists. 

The truth movement is now being attacked in a way that I consider terminal. Basically tell the truth and go broke.  Whatever Trump told those who supported him last year is moot as this is going on right under his nose. 


Smearing Caucasians

I had the misfortune of finding out about the so called protest/counter protest violence Saturday when visiting relatives not all that far from Virgina.. The MSNBC coverage I saw was a giant echo chamber of repeating hypnotic imagery tape loops over and over with commenters breathlessly implying this and that with no facts.  I had to mostly keep my mouth shut around them (eyeroll).. One thing is clear enough the incident could not have been more "positive" for the Soros funded war on cauacs .. Please lets all just stop identifying with "WHITE" it is a pejorative in new speak.  "White" was not used as a racial identity terminology not so far back on the timeline when CAUCASIAN was the term used. 

Just goes to show you that when the market is hanging over the side of a cliff that all it takes is some blood on the street to fix things. Think Virginia Tech which is also on the I 81 corridor in Virginia where .gov has dug into the ground like gophers in case of nuke war.  VT came at the exact day a market puke was immanent in 2007. 

The funny part is the so called riot was not very far from Richmond Va where the capital of the south was located in the civil war and is and where the federal reserve HQ is located. Maybe 1% of the populations knows the civil war was NOT started about slavery issue it was a war over who gets to print the money. The FED is located in Richmond for a reason.. its location is a giant FU to anyone who resists being forced to use fake money. 

On another note the pope does not like astrology.


Pat on my own back

LOL someone has to do it it may as well be me.
The Dow top tic is in the books inside of one day of the lunar eclipse. 
Time to manage any existing trade on long VOL and if possible take some capital off the table and ride with Mr Markets money. So far what has been printed on the charts is like a TD pass on first drive in a preseason game. 

The solar eclipse on the 21st is a LOT LIKE the so called nostradamus eclipse in 1999.
This definitely should be taken into account as it was full blown fear mongering setup including the pushing of fake quatrains called king of terror in 1999.  The solar eclipse on 8/11/1999 was the last dip buy which produced a violent 100% rally into the eventual tech wreck top in 2000. Shorting stupidity was not easy then. 

Caution on being overly bearish too soon has an astrological reasoning as the last Jupiter Uranus conjunction is not until late September. I don't know if that last blast of speculation energy is a retrace high or another leg up in the madness of crowds. Much depends on what we see around the 21st eclipse and where things are technically at that point. ALSO KEEP IN MIND that an overzealous bearish reaction early off the top is likely punished if we are actually going into a 3 year long bear markets as I suspect. 


Olga Morales
She is good!


Hey a very good vid to watch.. I exhausted myself explaining things over the last few decades so am glad to pass on posts that are up to my standards..


War economy

We are in the end stages of a crack up boom.. The boom has been a focused boom not for the little people just the top few % of the oligarchs and their minions. The speculative energy that got us to the top of this boom is the Jupiter Uranus oppositions that have one of the 3 left to complete late September. After that at least in an astrological sense there is no more boom left with the exception of the boom of war. 

The next very major astrological cluster of slow moving aspects takes place 2019-2020 with Jupiter Saturn and Saturn Pluto conjunctions. Saturn is a confining force and clamping down is the way it feels when this type of aspects are in close proximity on the timeline. Particularly concerning is Saturn Pluto conjunctions as that is an indication of CONCENTRATED POWER over the population. . Al Gore and Hillary have Saturn Pluto in their natal.. So concentrated is  the power over people it has produced something called RATIONING. Rationing is required when the value of the currency in use does not match up with the supply of goods.. 

.Gov loves rationing.. 0bamacare is rationing. Telling you what and when you can buy is the ideal .gov scheme for hiding the distortion of natural supply and demand. The supply chain in the USSA has been taken over by a handful of oligarchs. Amazon is obvious but Buffet has taken over the rails to a large degree. The ability of .gov to choke the supply chain of almost everything that is required for daily life has never been greater. This is life and death power. Probably less than 1% of the population has enough skill to live outside of the supply chain. 

The only known antidote for rationing is called a black market. The disappearance of cash money in circulation leaves not many choices.. BTC is going to the moon now as it is perceived to be a workaround but requires cell towers to function.. Gold and silver has been time tested but it only works like it did in Argentina in a real crisis when the value of gold reverted to junk jewelry valuation for everyday people. Not ideal for anyone thinking of paying up for premium metals as an 'investment".. How would you feel if you had to start to use a hack saw to cut grams of gold off a rare coin to eat?  Barter is very inefficient but in the end that is the only thing that will work. Oh and it will be illegal. 

We watched the tragedy unfold
We did as we were told
We bought and sold

It was the greatest show on earth
But then it was over
We ohhed and aahed
We drove our racing cars

We ate our last few jars of caviar
And somewhere out there in the stars
A keen-eyed look-out
Spied a flickering light

Our last hurrah

So I think it is really ok now to party like it is Armageddon at this point. We did our best .. Those few of us left who dared to give a shit over the last few decades have earned it. The rest?? I suppose the soulless being recycled back into rocks and snails is not any reason for them to party. Leave them be they know not what they do and probably is best not to try to tell them. 


Market like a driverless car

A day after the lunar eclipse finally produced a trading day that had teeth. All it took was fire and brimstone from trump.. Er the threat of it. Indications of some sort of top are printed across the board and we wait for the algos to decide to react or ignore. 

There are some very fat cows being eyed as juicy steaks right now. The stocks that emerged from the 2008 crisis to lead the indexes to the promised land off the 2009 lows
Goog.. The stock that started it all. In 2009 was not even the best search engine.
Facebook... a Forest Gump success. Who would have believed Americans would be so keen on being spied on. 
Amazon. No one would have believed you in 2009 that they could have damaged the entire economy in 8 years. 
Apple.. hey they at least have a nice product ... But competition.. 
Netflix.. I love it with no commercials BUT they produce shit programs in the last year or so that is as unwatchable as MSM with commercials. 

I think the single snowflake that caused the avalanche ahead was the firing of the goog employee who quite tastefully complained about the leftist "culture".. His firing proved his point. 

I already from the start have refused to use facebook. I ONLY buy from Amazon with non prime status for things I cant get locally after the destruction of retail in most of rural America. Dont like apple products as there is something smug about apple that I see as ultra creepy. I do however use gmail.. sigh.. Netflix. Has devolved into serving up what I call PINKO SLIME.. 

These stocks are priced as if there is no alternative possible.  LOL that is what they all said the last time we had a tech wreck. 


Competed yet??



Jim Kirwan is a role model for me.. He speaks truth to power but is not all that interested in making a name for himself. Quite a talent in the pool of rapidly declining numbers of old school truthers..

He sees what I see. 


Market update

Lunar eclipse today. An emotive peak often seen at important market inflection points

The so called markets are NOT what they used to be.. A "market" is when 2 sides decide on fair value and make a deal. What we have now is algorithms doing the deciding. Actual people are not participating in great enough numbers to have any effect on trends. 

Astrology is NO LONGER a mechanism to spread the joy of winning and the pain of losing trades into a wide number of people at least in any way that is considered shorter term.. The laws of the universe have been distorted but have most definitely not been negated.. The effects on the mass mind of humans is still there but is NOT reflected in prices in a technical sense .. This phenomena we could call the "corzine effect"..  When John Corzine stole billions in November of 2011 and got away with it he essentially destroyed the vast number of ACTUAL TRADERS who at the time were trading commodities. Markets have never been the same since then.. Equity is now a centrally planned wealth generating scheme and not a contest of skill and psychology. 

The way to profit since 2011 is to be DUMB and even DUMBER and ignore anything that conflicts with what the wealth mangers are forcing on customers. Technicals are distorted.. Or better said are LYING. Price discovery is out the window. 

To me having 45 years of experience dealing with astrological influence effect on the mass mind this is BORING.. Maybe it is the drugs both phrama and natural that is making the public so out of touch with what used to be reality. 

BTW BTC has run up to the 3Ks and might be the only "market" that is responding in free market way right now but then again I read this post below and wonder if Blythe Masters is the person in question in this ZH post. She was involved in the destruction of the metals markets. She was involved in the creation of credit default swaps that blew up in 2008. Word on the street was she got involved in crypto a few years ago and what is painted on the BTC chart is looking like a very very big 5th wave blowoff high in BTC in progress. What is missing in BTC is a way to short it but that is only a matter of time as an ETF with options is all it would take to knock BTC back to the stone age.

The eclipses in August are not dooms day (I hope) but the last Jupiter Uranus opposition in late September could very well turn out to be .. Jupiter Uranus stress aspects are ultra speculative fever and back when markets were functional the pain of being dumb almost always would be felt AFTER that aspect set was over. 



The renewal of the emergency declaration that started after 911 has been renewed every year first by GWB and then 0Bama. This comes up September 14th for the first time since Trump took office.. Might explain what has happened in the last week with a 4 star general from DHS in charge of the Whitehouse and the sudden vacation Trump has taken.. Is this the equivalent of a TIME OUT CHAIR?  Very clear to me Trump is not in charge now. 

Get informed on COG..

Based on reading the above I think it is easy to see why "that god damn piece of paper" has been unused for 16 years. We have been in a soft martial law since 911. Congress is play acting.. USSC is acting on orders (obamacare) .. The president is an ACTOR which explains 0bama behavior. Who is really in charge is an unknown because?? national security.. 

There is only one way to restore the republic and that is to end the state of emergency that started on 911.. Looks very VERY unlikely for that to happen on September 14th.


Please stand by.. since 1963

Since 1963?? I seem to remember that year something very big happened in November. This may explain it

Loved the show as a kid. Had no idea it was advertising a new level of mind fuckery at the time. Good thing it was in black and white. 


Ducks in a row

Dow 22k... naz 6000. S&P close enough to 2500.. check.
Public zombiefied... check
Trade war in place... check
USD breaking support.. CHECK
Trump holding the bag for anything bad that happens... CHECK

What could go wrong????? 

Things look ripe for something this way comes. The astro over the next week or so suggests if shit is gonna happen in is likely to show up near term. You might think I am saying the sky is falling but it actually is in about 10 days

All the ingredients of a bull market market high are in place now. A down day today on the Dow paints a sell signal on it like a tail on a donkey. Stacking the Dow deck with tech stocks (FANG) ... Bloated pigs who make the illusion of profits and who have proven now to be Globalist tools.. They look at best dicey now. It is starting to smell like 1998.. 

You remember that one right? 1998 when a previous Russian crisis on an August high and a sharp down move blamed on Russia.. Long story but a bear should have started on that August 1998 down move BUT the fed stepped in as soon as the bears had been over positioned and then WHAM they cut rates in a way that caught almost everyone by surprise mid October.  The bear was negated and the bull ran another year.   .. In the present situation I would not be expecting any help from the fed but it is early to make that call. 

Today is the first day quite a while it looks like buying short term puts (near term expiry) make sense to own. I am figuring the extent of any move down near term is about 10% off the top which gives one an idea of strike prices to look at. Of course if you are up for playing it aggressively in this episode of the drama you might research some individual stocks that would move down more than 10%. BTW a 10% down move is an old school signal that a bear market has begun. Old school bear markets take YEARS TO PLAY OUT. 


Does Noru = Sandy??

Big bad typhoon noru is touted as a biggest storm ever. Bigger than sandy?? 

My conclusion after seeing and also living though a 4 foot blizzard 500 miles  from landfall caused by sandy in 2012 is it was a geo engineered storm..  How convenient was sandy as it flooded the underground vaults in NYC and destroyed all the evidence of the 240 billion counterfeit bonds printed up in September of 1981 that funded the deep state since that time. 911 was timed to clear those bonds into "cold storage" in the vaults and sandy did her thing turning them into unreadable mush. 

So if indeed weather has been weponized we have a chance to see it in action again very close to the lunar eclipse August 7th. Nothing like a few feet of rain to take care of some underground installation problems eh?  


And the generals sat...

Seems to me we have a gov run by generals now. 
note an auto play vid is in the link.. fking hell on that. 

Its going to be interesting to see what comes of the declaration of national emergency when it comes up for renewal in September. This defacto martial law declaration has been renewed every year since 2001 and is the deep state running things rather than a constitutional government. IF TRUMP DOES NOT RENEW WE GET AN ACTUAL CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT BACK. Since 911 we have had a bunch of actors pretending to be the constitutional government. Fema and the bureacrats inside a COG run gov scheme explains why we have been lied to and stolen from and treated like dirt. 

Of course IF we have some emergency then Trump would have to renew..  and there you have it we are in the crosshairs of a false flag potential and war.. 


Onward Christian soldiers

Mooch we hardly knew you.. Escorted out of the Whitehouse (at gunpoint??) we have a new general as chief of staff who fired him in a NY minute. Word out in drudge is there is a new normal in trumps inner circle ... bible studies..

  1. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle see His banners go!
    • Refrain:
      Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
      With the cross of Jesus going on before.
  2. At the sign of triumph Satan’s host doth flee;
    On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
    Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
    Brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.
  3. Like a mighty army moves the church of God;
    Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod.
    We are not divided, all one body we,
    One in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

I was forced to sing this song repeatedly in Sunday school when I was a boy.  It was written and made into a "hymn" in late 1860s and has been used as a weapon of war ever since. I ask this "what does Jesus think" of such militarized hymns?? This song coincided with the emergence of the Dominionists ...
Zionism as it has come to be known today started around the same time. 

During Bush the lesser's admin the militarized Christian churches were given billions and mega churches bloomed across the country.. Pastors were recruited to work for DHS as shepards to group think the congregation. The military leadership was stacked from top to bottom with fundies and based on what I read the air force especially so. 

To say this is dangerous is a understatement. Back in shrubs time a lot of statements from them that it was was part of their Christian duty to back Israel no matter what because if they did not then Jesus would not come back. Suggestions they should help the process along by conforming actions to assist the prophesies regarding Armageddon. Shrub was reportedly seeing himself in some sort of biblical way and has this element crept back into the Whitehouse? 

So is this development in Trumps admin a sure sign that Armageddon is back ON THE TABLE??  This "play" in gods game plan resulted in a sack last year because????? Russia.. Ah now it all makes sense.. Albert Pike comes back to haunt the American people AGAIN?? 


Patent medicine for the soul

Actual medicine actually heals.. Patent medicine makes one dependent on it at relieving symptoms at best but does not cure anything. Patent medicine is meant to make you come back for more and PAY. 

 The so called new age movement started in August of 1969 at Woodstock. Prior to Woodstock new age ideas were NOT a movement yet. Woodstock made it "popular" which is when it became a movement. I was 16 at the time and saw the whole 3 days of Woodstock in person. The afterglow lasted many years but was mostly snuffed out by 1974 or so. Bad drugs and hollow ideas came on to be the replacements for true inspiration and experiential knowing. Sadly the trend is still down and hopefully it hit bottom already but so far no indication as best I can see. 

My views on things in general regarding "truth" are unpopular now. What passes for inspiration now is as toxic as Coke Zero. In fact reality is a lot like it that you get the taste in exchange for consuming a toxic substitute. I notice that a lot of people peddling patent medicine for the soul don't care too much for me these days. I seem to get in the way of the profit making justification of purveyors just by refusing to monetize what I know by  not selling my knowledge here since 2009. 

I don't know what happened to astrology especially in the last 10 years.. I read and don't see where there is much inspiration now. I still don't know of any astrologers other than myself who predicted Trump's win way in advance and gave the reasons. Please Please if I am not alone tell me. 

Astrology is important... Keep in mind that without an understanding of astrology humans would NOT have been able to move from hunter gathers to agriculture. As far as evidence see Gobekli Tepi as the oldest known structure intended to measure the sky and not a coincidence that widespread agriculture developed just after that.  Without astrology there would be at best 500 million people here on earth now which is about the max carrying capacity of the planet for a hunter gatherer type population. Might we revert back to that population once an understanding of how the world works is misplaced? 


There is a wave of political energy cresting near term on the Jupiter Pluto square now in orb. There is little reason to comment about past this much past the next inflection point on the timeline until we see the CONTEXT after the next lunar eclipse occurs on August 8th. Sure seems like a lot of people who lost power in the election have a war lust in their hearts and minds. 


Stop making sense

Political sense that is. Trump seems like a bear with fleas. lots of fleas.. Seems he actually thought that since THE PEOPLE gave him a mandate that the career bureaucrats in DC would oblige. hahahah .. The people?? cmon man. 

I watched the lineup of same old shit added to Trumps roster in early 2017 and did not like a SINGLE ONE.. especially Sessions who is working for big pharma.. beer..  prison industries.. police state. ECT..  He looks like he is on the way out BUT the only name I hear as his replacement is Rudy Guliani ?? Eye roll.. 

Meanwhile what is left of the real world is like a speck of dust receding away at light speed in the void of the universe.. 

So far the Jupiter Pluto square in early August is not letting me down in entertainment value. Watched the last 2 seasons of House of Cards just to brush up on my skullduggery awareness and in reality house of cards is an insult to cards. 

90% PLUS of DC is in on the fake democracy scam and has been since 1988 with HWB.
In an Atlas Shrugged solution those few % who are holding up the entire system from collapse with honest effort should consider a work stoppage.  

The "swamp" turns out to be an ocean. 

Best be prepared for September when the debt deal is a sure thing to create a gov shutdown. 


Crushing volatility

The go to play for the bankster class the last 4 years is to sell volatility. Go to goog and look up VXX and take a look at the 5 year chart and you see the high at 200 in 2014 and the current price at 11. The last time the VXX got down to this area it required a reverse spilt X4 or the price would have been a lot closer to ZERO. (actually THREE). ANYTHING BELOW 10 REQUIRES MANY MUTUAL FUNDS TO BAIL hence the reverse split the last time. 

The VXX is a measure on option volatility and is used to price puts and calls premium. The index options were usually used as crash insurance or as we have seen the last 4 years a way to profit from people being scared into buying crash insurance and then no crash. 

Word out a few days ago is IF THE VXX GOES UP BY 80% in a spike lasting only a few days the entire market will be over a barrel much like what was seen in September 2008. Humm 80% up from 11 is not even 20. In an actual crash like we used to have prior to the centrally planned stock market VXX would spike up to the 30s - 50s even 80s on a strong downdraft day in the S&P. Ahh those were the days. 

Might it be time to take a look at the VXX calls as a rank speculation on the unbelievable uncertainty / disfunctionality we see THAT IS NOT PRICED IN??? Be aware that this ETF is so out of bounds historically now that there is a good chance if you are right and we see a NORMAL spike up in VXX you will NOT be allowed to cash in your chips. 

VXX is just as capable of crashing the system as the CDS were in 2008 that required a trillion dollar bailout in the days of THE BIG SHORT. 

Note..... There is a gap open on VXX chart the week after trump was elected at 35 if you are going to select a strike for buying calls THAT LEVEL is in play. My cautious nature tells me giving yourself TIME on picking an expiry is a must so the DEC expiry would be a minimum expiry to allow time factor to be an ally. Be prepared however if you make this bet it has a good chance of NOT PAYING OFF even if you nail it correctly so only fun money is what to use. Word out is someone made a bet on volatility calls a few days ago that would pay out 250 or so million. Depends on who that trader is whether you will get paid for being right.  


Starving truthers

I hope you noticed that since January the number of truther sites has that work the way the creators intended are slipping away.. They are being starved of generating any revenue. I would posit that the majority of sites that have become dysfunctional is growing like a plague.. This seems most likely aimed at sites that are up to the standards of html5 designed to work on phones with a lot of youtube content and high traffic. Ahhh now you know why I have kept my site in the VW bus lane of the information highway and is 100% demontized.

Crowdfunding site Patreon banned conservative Canadian journalist, author, and YouTube sensation Lauren Southern without notice late last week – denying her thousands of dollars of monthly income following her involvement with an activist group in the Mediterranean.

With over 300,000 subscribers to her youtube channel and just as many Twitter followers, Southern has amassed quite a fan base – and it’s easy to see why. The entertaining Canadian gained notoriety throughout the 2016 U.S. election and beyond as a vocal Trump supporter – appearing at rallies, protests, and even the White House press room.

Covering a wide variety of topics with deadpan humor and a sharp wit, Southern has opined on Fake News, the problem of degenerate women, the war on fathers, and even had her his gender legally changed so SJWs would STFU. When YouTube began demonetizing Lauren’s videos over subject matter deemed too controversial, she made a hilarious advertiser-friendly makeup tutorial.

Founded in 2013, Patreon has raised $47.1 million of investment capital – $30 million of which was led by venture firm Thrive Capital, co-owned and managed by Joshua Kushner – brother of President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Of note, Joshua and Jared co-founded real estate firm Cadre – which got of the ground with a $250 million line of credit from George Soros).



The eclipse

The great American eclipse is getting lotsa publicity. I have studied the matter for a good long while and the eclipse day is NOT the day or days to be concerned with. The new moon / lunar eclipse 14 days before and 14 days after the solar eclipse is when the "energy" unloads. The solar eclipse is a lull between two peaks of energy. 

The lunar eclipse BEFORE the solar eclipse is August 7th. The lunar eclipse is 14 days AFTER the new moon on 7/23/2017 which is conjunct mars bringing a rather aggressive month before the solar eclipse on the 21st. . I suspect the 8/7 lunar eclipse is the main event energetically. The Jupiter Pluto square is exact on August 3rd bringing the political pot to a boil. To say we enter into a dangerous period BEFORE the solar eclipse would be an understatement.  The anniversary date of the first use of nukes in war is August 6th which is 72 years past.. THAT is a significant anniversary date as it represents one degree of the precession cycle. All adds up to the early August period being a danger zone. 

There are certainly other potential manifestations of the energy prior to the solar eclipse on August 21st but the chances of a war involving nukes is on  the top of the list. I would suspect that we live at a time that an actual majority of dumbed down US citizens are up for a nuke exchange. Beats being bored eh? Plus they have a notion that some how we 'mericans are unbeatable... "The thrill of confusion that space cadet glow"

Whatever is in store I would say is likely a very short episode over a few weeks window and then a sort of false calm takes place around the 21st eclipse. I think it is pointless to be looking to the full moon 9/6 after the solar eclipse yet.  We have no idea yet if we experience a massive self destructive event in August yet so projecting meaning beyond mid August ... is meaningless. 


Trump so far


It was in 1987 season AFC championship game.. The browns were playing for a superbowl appearance ( lol the other browns) and with seconds left and the game on the line... the handoff to Ernest Byner from the 8 yard line....and he takes it in for the winning score... NOT

This is maybe the worst play in football history context included.. It was so bad the Browns curled up in a fetal position for the next decade and eventually left town and became the Baltimore Ravens. The new expansion team in Cleveland is not better off they have won NOTHING since the Byner Fumble. Or as it is known now in lore as simply

Watching Trump try to be a president is a LOT like that. 
This current Jupiter Pluto square that still has 2 more weeks to ramp up to exact is a game on the line political event. 

We the people = Browns fans

Robert Steele interview by Jeff Rense. must watch.


Will McCain resign?

Humm scratch the McCain idea in yesterdays post. I think.. 
Guess he wont have to testify and if he does he can use the Hillary I DON'T RECALL excuse. I would like to know when he intends to resign from the senate. If that does not happen PROMPTLY I have to conclude McCain brain tumor is just another fake news meme. 

I found it interesting that the CIA is not allowed to fund terrorists in Syria as of yesterday. 

I also noted Trump turned on Sessions yesterday. I seem to remember that Pence was largely involved in the initial lineup of Trump nominees. Maybe Trump has figured out someone was stacking the deck against him from day one. 


Pence making a move?

Reports over the last week or so indicate Mike Pence is taking steps politically outside of his job as backup to Trump. Steps that might make him a bit coupish.. Pence born 6/7/1959 has a Venus Mars conjunction in early Leo which is squared to Neptune and is the most exact aspects in his natal chart. This has an inherent sneaky tendency and we all ready know he is sort of a deep stater representative anyway. Transiting Mars will be going over his natal Venus and Mars starting in a few days. UGGG. If he is going to make a move I suspect that transit is going to be a trigger. 

My snide remark about McCain getting a chip (a national security clearance??) just might be a sign he is involved and might be considered as a VP in a new Pence run DICK-TATOR admin... I noted that yesterday Pence has pledged to move the US embassy to Jerusalem so do you have this as a pledge of allegiance move? Also an issue is the upcoming September renewal of the declaration of emergency power (continuity of government) that has been renewed every year after 911. 

It is soooo obvious to me the attempt by Trump to do what he promised in his campaign is being thwarted by the major players in his own party so there has to be some plan of action involved.  I think the Trump Putin meeting that resulted in joint action with Russia to declare a ceasefire in the area of Syria that Israel wants to control is maybe a tipping point. Like a mom who tells a child who he is and IS NOT allowed to play with.  We cannot have any constructive relationship with Russia. 

Jupiter and Pluto are squared in the sky early August and that spells massive political energy. Trump's failure to arrest ANYONE in a sea of treason so far could turn out to be the political blunder of the century. Inaction is opportunity for those who still think they will get off scott free.. 



Health care.. (selective genocide) a political football ..has proven to be unfixable
Because it is producing the exact results as intended by the owners of the industry.

There will not be any "reform" and it was going to be that way no matter who was in the whitehouse. The republican branch of the democratic party made sure overnight. Not that any real change was going to happen anyways because none was intended. 

Never EVER FORGET... You the American people are best called SUBJECTS

Now that the worst performing healthcare "system" in the developed world is set in roman concrete the fun begins. This is now a collapse waiting to happen. On Trumps watch. The eclipse month approaches. I am starting to think the chances of a coup are getting greater every second. Can you imagine Pence with McCain as VP?? Did Johnny boy just get his chip installed?? 

I have a hard time describing my angst at seeing that dysfunction has crept into ALL BRANCHES of government and how completely ignored the will of the people has been since election day. 


Bitcoin pivot 1600

Bitcoin is trading more technically than most people realize. The upcoming changes in bitcoin architecture has created an uncertainty about it's future acceptance and etherium benefited at least when the last surge higher took place just a few short weeks ago. 

The technical pivot at 1600 will tell us a lot about the future of bitcoin. That price tested will determine whether bitcoin takes off higher to the 3000 and higher with that 3K being the next support level in a leg to 5K or if 1600 if is broken becoming the next pivot resistance in a BTC bear market. 

The Jupiter Pluto square is exact Aug 1st. I would be interested in some call options at if signs of support at that price present itself. Alas options on bitcoin are not traded yet denominated in FRNs in any regulated market so playing a dip is problematic. ETH seems set up more for a trader and might actually become the flagship of crypto going forward. The astro at months end might be the crossover in leadership between ETH and BTC so heads up there. 

Side note.. Is McCain getting an upgrade on his illuminati eye-plant? OR is he going to be made to look like a pirate with a black eye patch.. Inquiring minds what to know.  Does Matthew 7-5 have anything to do with it? Ya know the one about the log in your eye? 


Watched pot

Happy Bastille day. 

Pundits are raging all over the internet that a crash is coming in the fall. 

Bear markets are not crashes. They are like lava flows and not pyroclastic one off events. Bear markets screw dip buyers. They do not end until dip buyers refuse to buy the dip. 

The worst case scenario for the USA is the deflation for the little guy continues and the inflation for the 0.01 percent gets all the benefit of money printing and the vast sea of overseas FRNs available to them.  

Last cycle of doom the outcome was set in stone in February 2007 when the mortgage fraud became a known. Markets did indeed start a typical crash wave precursor on the technical charts the day of revelation.. A 28 trading day correction is typical prior to an actual crash wave. What happened exactly on the day the crash wave was due in April?? VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE. LOL.. back then terrorist events were bullish.  It took another SIX MONTHS for the market to top out in late 2007 after the April crash was negated. It took almost a year past December 2007 for anything to be termed a crash.  You can see how traders struggled to hold bearish positions for almost 18 moths in the movie THE BIG SHORT. By the time the crash actually came in September 2008 90% of bears had no capital left to profit from the event. 

Looking at the solar eclipse in August I see a rather significant boost in morale maybe bordering on stupid.. The last significant bullish astro from Jupiter Uranus opposition ends late September. The only way I can see a crash in US markets in the fall is if there is a bear bashing rally between now and September that wipes out all the crash hedges FIRST.  If we don't see a violent rally the most likely outcome post September is a slow velocity bear market dragging out into 2020 where the only winners are in the 0.01 percent of participants. 


FK meetup

Robert David Steel being banned by meetup. 
He tells the TRUTH about the zionists crime mafia taking over our country.
He is running for president in 2020 with my favorite woman politician CYNTHIA MCKINNEY as running mate. Got to say there are very few people who are smarter than Steele.

HWB.. Clinton.. GWB .. 0bama.. had enough??  Are you poor enough now to give a shit? 


Giant sucking sound
PT 2

Ross Perot coined the term way back in the dark ages in the run up to the 1992 election.. He was talking about NAFTA and what the agreement would do to the US job market.
This was at a  time the internet was only a gleam in Al Gores eye. BTW Perot basically quit in the attempt to become president due to threats to his family's lives. 

What we got in 1992 was the Clinton crime empire covering up for the Bush crime empire.  US standard of living has collapsed since 1992 with the exception of the top few percent above upper middle class. 

Flash forward to present and who needs Mexico when Amazon has become the deflation death machine. The internet was deflationary enough but Amazon has taken it to a level that is worldwide and appears to have set off an irreversible deflationary cascade that will be like falling into a giant black hole.. 

The biggest problem is Amazon makes it IMPOSSIBLE to compete with because Amazon does not care if they make a real profit. Whatever profits they do make come from providing cloud services to .gov.
Amazon started out destroying bookstores then record stores and is relentlessly going after any segment of the consumer economy that used to support profitable business and living wages. Even Wal-Mart is being eaten up. 
What happens when your small town has no stores to shop in.  

We are in the final lap of the illusion of being free people. The Saturn Pluto conjunctions in 2020 follows the ultra speculative astro that ends this fall. My prediction in 2002 that shopping malls would eventually be converted into homeless shelters for baby boomers seems to be right on target. 


Jupiter Pluto square

The exact square will be on Aug 5th.. The last of three and will conclude the political shakeup that started last fall. Yesterday with a full moon conjunct Pluto is a sort of prequel to the energy download in progress ramping till months end. 

Putin and Trump met for 2 hours. One wonders just how aggressive Putin was in INFORMING Trump how much he does not know about politicians in the USA. 

Knowing what I know after so many years of study it is obvious to me that the NWO left is attempting to make Trump as dumb as a rock. A fact in my world is EVERYTHING the left is pushing about Russia is exactly what Israel has been doing. 
Manipulating ... blackmailing.. stealing .. hacking everyone.. FOR DECADES. 

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." 

The above quote is from a 1992 interview of Herbert Walker Bush. 

Is he talking about the drug and guns dealing in Mena Ark? 
Maybe he was talking about the 240 billion counterfeit treasury bonds that were created in 1981 that expired and had to be cleared on September 12th 2001. 
Was he talking about the trillions missing from pentagon budget announced on September 10th 2001?

If anyone thinks that Putin does not know and understand the answers to these questions they are not aware of the answers themselves.  The answers have been known for a long time to those who cared to look. Imagine that after 1992 things got orders of magnitude more criminal after HWB left... its almost too painful for the American public to bear. We are now 25 years after 1992 and deep state crime has been going exponential ever since to were we are now.  Hard to imagine what has taken place makes HWB look almost childlike in comparison. 

One wonders if the NWO left is so desperate now they would use their own version of the Sampson option. We wont have to wait long to find out. If the truth becomes public knowledge the quote of HWB in 1992 will be reality. 

BASTILLE DAY July 14 2017 has Jupiter landing EXACTLY on the 15 degree of Libra the tipping point of the scales of justice. The USA has natal Saturn exalted at 15 of Libra. We either have enforceable laws about treason against we the people or not. 


Some Gann stuff

Some Gann work came across my desk from a former subscriber a few days ago.

Not bad work.. This is the type of historical evidence I spent 25 years looking at before I started AstroEcon. I personally see July as TOO EARLY to start to get bearish positions on US equity but maybe not in other places.. Big long term tops usually involve rolling tops across many markets over a period of a few months. Think of it as dominoes falling. 

In my newsletter days in the 90s I wanted to give evidence to prove my rightness.. Nothing wrong with that although I found that many Gann types were not astrologers but were using astrological evidence.. Gann is more mechanical and many gann people think in terms of fate and I see the future as a possibility field that morphs in real time. Apples and oranges. 

Locating periods when major tops and bottoms occur is great for the investor class. It means that they are on notice to become defensive with their longer term positions. The trader type is not looking at so long a time horizon and has to use shorter term info to avoid taking unnecessary risk before a turn is confirmed.  Technicals and other understandings of the situation are needed the shorter term one gets with a position's time horizon. 

In the end success and failure is almost always a function of paying attention. That is where the money is made or not. If you know a bear move is likely and don't pay attention you are likely to be early or late increasing your risk and cutting down the chance of making a profit. 


Jupiter Pluto comin' up

The holiday weekend with all the Mars Pluto stress went by with only ONE close call with WW3.. Lots of so called minor outbursts of violence which seemed to me were back burnered while the circus was in town at CNN.

Next serious dose of astro is coming up late in the month. Jupiter and Pluto will be squared for the last of 3 times time August 5th.. This is POLITICAL energy. Showdown at OK corral.. This wave of political stench sweeps as a tsunami of bullshit in front of the August 21st solar eclipse and is probably going to be a prequel for the set in stone crisis coming in September with the last of three Jupiter Uranus oppositions. 

From my point of view both sides of the coin are tails and it seems everyone in DC is interested in burning the gov down just to make a political point. 25 years of globalists cultivating hate of the USA political traditions and constitution is bearing fruit. 

very prophetic..


happy depends day

If you are not shitting yourself you are not paying attention

The shit show we have now is way less than it would have been if Hillary had won. Sad but true. The destruction of public moral would have been orders of magnitude greater than Trump. Guess you noticed that everything positive that trump has attempted to do is met with screaming lunatics that look at CNN to get their opinions. 

Marty Armstrong is on record last year saying this next wave of destruction ahead would be the destruction of government itself. Seems spot on to me. 

We know WHEN. The system is rigged to blow as soon as Trump does something to shut down the gov in the September over the budget / debt ceiling rugby scrum. The September events were planned well before last election and now Trump can be blamed. 


Gaslighting the president

Gas lighting is a purposeful attempt to make another person think they are crazy. This is often the plan by a person who get caught lying and the person who caught them is made to think they are just crazy. This way of getting out of a lie is as old as the hills. Yet it seems to work. 

LOL the attempt of trying to declare the president crazy and thus become impeachable is sort of sad.. I don't think Trump is helping himself with his behavior and wonder if he is taking the Israeli "be a mad dog" approach a bit far. 

BTW if you have netflix I suggest watching GET ME ROGER STONE ... I was surprised it was such a revealing video which explains a lot about when American politics went bad.. Stone was one of the Nixon CREEPS as a young man all the way back in the 72 election. After watching I concluded he was the single most "interfering" element in US elections of all time. Stone was on and off the trump campaign in 2016 and his cohorts like Manafort were directly responsible for many of the tactics Trump used to win. 


High way to hell

0bama expressway? Is this an oxymoron or what. An expressway with a toll booth every two miles.. This stretch of road has the biggest carbon footprint in the state with all the cars waiting at idle to pay tolls.. Of course you could use the ezy pass which spies on you but you already knew that.  LOL a road that automatically creates road rage is so... realistic in any case. Imagine having to see the name of the expressway on a permanent basis every day. 


RIP (not) CNN

I love the smell of the media burning in the morning

CNN is almost gone.. Thank god..  I refuse to sign up for any sat tv package as long as I am forced to pay for CNN even if I don't watch it. CNN is the biggest outlet on TV for UNTRUTHFUL stories presented as news so they should be the one who should be made an example of.  BASTILLE DAY FOR THEM.

Simple solution is the FCC gives media companies permission TO BROADCAST WHICH IS A PRIVILEGE AND IS INTENDED TO SERVE THE PUBLIC GOOD. Pull their permission to broadcast please. 

Next step is to roll back the "law" that gives media a pass on telling the truth. This was changed to allowing misinfo a few months after sandy hook actors were caught out and until this "law" is changed the death of CNN will not matter if the rest are not held accountable.. A NEWS REPORT IMPLIES IT IS THE TRUTH so lets have it please. 

Am I going to suffer from not having access to live football another season? As long as I am forced to pay for CNN I think I will have to stay with game replays on streaming services. 


Mars Pluto ahead

Mars and Pluto will be in exact opposition July 2nd . Mercury and Mars will be in conjunction on the 28th of June. This aspect setup is very strong tendency to pop off and cause something violent so the president might want to stay away from his phone for now and not inflame a violent reaction with his twits.

There are a LOT of things in the mix already such as the ruling on the travel ban yesterday that could bring things to a boil. the recent baseball incident might have been a foreshock of a bigger incident. 

I think everyone who is building up anger should be made to sit in a room alone with duct tape over their mouths from now till the 4th to keep the threatening language down. 

Unfortunately this keeping quiet is wishful thinking and as they have to tell Europeans "avoid crowds" .. 

UPDATE 6/28/2017.. as I said in the above.

Kim Jong Un born 1/8/1984. This astro lands on him like a ton of bricks.
He has a Mars Pluto conjunction in his natal as well. 


World's policeman

The United States under Donald Trump now resembles a disabled policeman who was forced to retire on disability after being injured, not in the line of duty, but by engaging in self-destructive piques of bravado. The United States has abandoned internationalism as witnessed by Washington’s withdrawal from the free trade Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Paris climate agreement. The United Kingdom’s decision to depart the European Union in the Brexit referendum has put the final nail in the coffin of Britain’s status as a minor «superpower».

In January of 1996 I created this site to detail a long term astrological cycle involving midpoints between Saturn Uranus and Pluto of 68 to 70 years.. The cycle is about rotation of dominance shifting from east to west in a total supercycle length of about 210 years. My read at the time of writing the first post here in 1996 was that the USA peaks out in 1996 and would be replaced by China dominance about mid cycle (now) leading to China peaking out in 2060s. People thought I was crazy at the time... not now. 

At the time of the posting I suggested that if the USA just stood down gently from the 1996 peak and not fight the cycle we would become the spiritual capital of the world about now going forward..  instead the neocon plague used every trick in the book to continue the illusion of dominance which has lead us to this point on the timeline when a very ungraceful exit from dominance is taking place.  At the time I suggested that if the usa did not stand down gracefully the entire world would turn on the USA about now and would eventually have to be rescued by China. 

The way things stand at present we are in the last hurrah stage sort of like the orchestra playing as the titanic sunk. The next few weeks a Jupiter Pluto square at end of July is likely to create a political snafu ... leading to a speculative blowoff of some sort in September.. And that will be the last hurrah before the decent into economic irrelevance is realized associated with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020. 

It was the greatest show on earth
and then it was over.

The lyrics!!!