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Written by Robert Hitt This blog within  the astroecon  site was restarted on 7/31 2019  after being hospitalized from feb - may 2019 but has failed miserably  to produce enough  revenue to be viable to continue  for even a few more weeks. it is clear to me I am going to die of neglect within weeks.  
 I could name names  but what is the point every person who has done this to me knows they are responsible. .   
this is the most colossal injustice I could not imagine ever ever being treated this way. 

This was supposed to be a reader supported blog  but failed  miserably that is folly .  the astroecon home page 


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 I have to apologize to the readers of this blog. my condition is stable but stable at a level where every day I am feeling bad about the lack of quality I am posting here . I am suffering so much during my work hours it takes 4 hours to get a  bad quality comment done  like this one  finished . I either had a stoke or suffered head injury which has brought on neuropathy pain along with  partial paralysis of my left hand and that takes away my ability to type accurately to now nearly impossible. The complications from the radical vascular surgery  I was forced to endure by family on top of the stroke or head injury has me in huge pain 24/7 compounding the situation and I don't know if my foot is ever going to  be healed enough to be normal  so I  can walk again. 

I'm taking a month or more off from posting anything here to attempt to get the severe limitations behind me that amount to  almost 100% disability . I doubt I will live very much longer.