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mad science
Dr Evil at work

Ideas about how to get sulphur dioxide in the stratosphere include using a fleet of spy planes, a giant hosepipe, rockets or sprayers attached to hydrogen balloons

However, authors of a UN climate report in 2018 said geoengineering may need to be used as a “remedial measure”. The report focused on a technique, called stratospheric aerosol injection, that mimics the effects of a volcano.

                                              haha the UN again? how is is possible so many bad ideas come from the UN?


oh no!

Hillary is running again god help us.

I took a look at her natal and I see election day 2020  and humm skeletons fall out of every closet in DC I think she takes the whole town down with her.  And that could include her husband and also on election day Mars is transiting over 15 Aries in opposition to the usa natal Saturn so repressed anger plus mean spirited revenge are going to hang over the nation for a few days maybe a week or two.  ..  maybe the 19 year anniversary of 911 brings up that it was all planned while the Clinton's were in power. VERY POSSIBLE THE WAY TO KEEP HER OUT OF ANY POSITION OF POWER IS TO KEEP THE HEAT ON REGARDING 911 AND MENA ARK  and also the bush crime family. So Mrs butinski ruins the democratic party AGAIN and the result is NO COMMUNISM  in 2021.  A silver lining in every cloud. The blackmail operation stinking up DC for decades comes out in the daylight and the entire nation celebrates by voting in a libertarian president. 

So I hate to say it but run Hilary RUN!! 

blame it on ray cohn

well ya it is his fault but not because he knew trump vears ago it is governance by blackmail  to blame it became that is the way things work in DC way back in the early 1900s and Cohn just perfected it and others like Epstein made it a career. like many other G men like Hoover did. 

 no wonder things are so Fked up.  so I ask who in DC is not compromised? 



btc is on a sell sig right now target 7 k                                                                  


 ses-pit Ukraine. 
the Russia bashing began in 2011 when the USA decided to finance a coup and who can forget Vicky Nuland with the cookies. Ukraine was being looked at as a second home a plan B  for Jews  if Israel became uninhabitable  very corrupt place and ask Joe Beiden about that. Also in 2011 was Russia refusing to participate in the Syria Armageddon theatre and oh Benghazi and Libya that year also.  Donbass is the front lines of a future conflict planned in 2011 which could become WW3 so ya good reason to be more of a friend with Russia and leave out the military

Anew jewish state a homeland in the making.


Libs still at it?

he just wont quit and he reveals who his master is 

Russia escaped from the communist so I guess the left has good reason to fear Russia might help the USA avoid being taken over in a bogus election. 

the MMT boogie man.

You need to be buying volatility, I said. People are focused on interest rate vol, but central bankers are terrified of rates rising. They’ll try to engineer negative real rates for a decade or more to get us all out from beneath this debt pile. That means the volatility will surface elsewhere. FX implied volatility is near all-time lows and in a world where central banks are scared to hike to defend their exchange rates, currencies are where the volatility should first appear, and then the vol in equities will explode. That’s where the biggest structural shorts are.



good points made

Many believe that the mass media just tell whole-cloth, outright lies all the time, but that’s not usually how it works. What they do is selectively omit inconvenient facts, disproportionately amplify convenient facts, and uncritically report on dubious government assertions. 

lying by ommision requires listening to what is not being said to determine the truth behind the silence. 

One mark of an adept conspiracy analyst is comfort with the unknown in a world where information is greatly obscured by secrecy. By this I don’t mean they’re okay with government opacity, I just mean that they’re comfortable acknowledging what is unknown and unknowable instead of pretending to know. I point this out because it seems like a lot of people self-censor and remain silent on their ideas about what’s going on in the world due to some embarrassment that they don’t understand it all. It’s okay: no one does. Many pretend to, but no one actually does.

2 AM

lump of coal for u
the holiday season last year featured a nasty decline right into Christmas. This coming December has the potential for some late dec selling in essence front running those who want to sell in January for tax reasons. January astro sets up for bears so I expect a leg down to complete before January is over. 

 the dec sellers might focus on geo political issues especially in the middle east.

fulfilling prophecy a dangerous game aiming at the Armageddon  drama that many Christians believe is a precursor to the 2nd coming. Mid December looks like some provoking is planned. 

more prophecy problems




is coming off the June 2019 high in a way that does not inspire confidence. but buying the dip near here  in the low 7000s could be a "investment that pays off down the road in 2020. Oct 6th has moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto so a good day to look for a dip.   Oct 12th has Venus opposed to Uranus in Taurus so the idea of electronic current could find some traction. Jupiter ties Uranus and Venus into a 3 planet aspect I find interesting creating a very speculative mood.  7000 is half of the retrace high at 14k so a burst higher  from 7k could be a quick double. 


Pelosi natal chart


She has a retro natal mercury at 17 Pisces semi squared to Saturn. Neptune has been transiting over her mercury so she has to be suffering from old brain syndrome.  I am expecting this transit may end her leadership role and could derail the trump impeachment attempt. . 
Chuck Schumer 
natal 11/23/1950

I dont see transits that indicate a high level of success soon so I doubt he can lead an impeachment  going forward and shapes up to be  Mr. irrelevant soon. I think when his natal moon pluto square gets more active his OCD problem keeps him back burner.   






 precursor for the next 911 in 2020

 Mars will be squared  Jupiter  Pluto then Saturn  in August 2020. 
mercury squares Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in September 2020. September 17th is especially strong as a candidate for an attempt to have  something violent occur intended to delay the 2020 election. 


trump and brexit resistance are examples of the left not accepting a legit vote like a communist country so how long until the voting public sees through the so called democracy claims right into the heart of darkness called corporatism. not long because the 2020 election shapes up to be a referendum on left or right future and IF and a big IF the voters dont go google's way again I am looking at jan 2021 as a  showing up of real democracy  with real freedom of choice by we the people imposed on corporations for a change. I think trump wins big as long as he is on the ballot  in November so that is the big market mover  for 2020.  

2020 market should look like 2001  trading pattern keeping in mind the 19 year sun moon cycle  is repeating events I think the  there is a strong potential for a 911repeat  in September with a very questionable vote count or even a delayed election in the aftermath of a new 911. 

  starting with the Saturn pluto conjunction in January of 2020 which is very tough on trump and I see the impeachment attempt coming up as a scare tactic from the left aimed at republicans to take trump off the ballot. lol McCain style? just declare it without counting the votes about like what happened to Ron Paul in 2008.  if that takes place trump will run anyway on a 3rd party ticket. call it the America 1st party .. if so the two party system is obsolete. 

Market reaction is going to be bad  considering the uncertainty with huge waves of selling in January and another leg down in April. lol what a hot mess.  consider the bear market starts in January and lasts until the result in 2020 is a known. 

 Trading in the political maelstrom is going to take technical skill. 




the flip side of feminism

sucker shortage?

But in a new study published by the Journal of Marriage and Family, a team of Cornell sociologists looked at the factors behind America's falling marriage and family-formation rates. They found that American women are struggling to find 'suitable' partners due to a lack of 'financially eligible' bachelors.

is attractive  ( suitible)defined by an ability to pay alimony after a 1 year marriage?

geez cant blame the guys for balking. kids cost about a million a apiece to raise through college years. wife can cost even more. take it from me two girls plus college cars etc ... "entitled" wife cut and ran with oversized cut of net worth and now in my old age I am basically in danger of dying of poverty driven shitty healthcare.  Guys need to be selective and ask is she someone I want to take care of me in my old age? Be careful a DQ early as possible can save a bundle maybe extend your life span.  LOL consult a good astrologer it is vital to know who you are dealing with. Some relationships are hopelessly flawed so do your due diligence.   


that is the plan to make almost every American miserable.

 even the kids

how about some treason charges  for this.  this is blatant election fraud and the only cure is Americans need to vote and speak freely. 



crash season arrives

Almost all real crashes have gone into a major drop mode in October. bad days ahead mars squares Saturn  at the end of October which is a max pain aspect. The 16th to the 19th are calendar days where the biggest declines have occurred in previous crashes and unfortunately this year does not look great during mid month so odds favor a very ugly market wth support  at round numbers tested by month end.  of note is October 26th with moon mars  moon conjunction squared Saturn  which is like a hard place being stuck in.  i have seen big quakes on this type astro so heads up on that. . 

do the dems work for the Chinese?

it would appear so. the clintons sold the USA out in the 1990s and Al gore was caught taking illegal campaign contributions from them. no way a trade deal is going to happen that is fair to us citizens  as long as Trump is fighting on too many fronts. 

new moon in Libra Saturday. 
 the dems have their sticky fingers on the scales of justice and please tell me how is the deal maker in chief supposed to make favorable deals for the American people when overseas leaders see blatant cheating by dems for political gain?  dems are against we the people and richly deserve the contempt that is headed their way. 

had enough yet? when is the blame going to land hard on the dems. btw they hate your for your freedom. transparent communists that is who the dems are. buying votes with taxpayers money earned over 4-5 decades ...  dec 2020 is going to be clear as a bell  vertict and the dems are going to lose. book it there is no way the sleeping giant the American people are going to vote for destroyers of the American economy. .


4 am 

 better price in a cold winter

what if winter 2020 is brutal which is likely considering a Saturn Pluto conjunction in early January. As I see it that is going to undo any chance of a carbon tax and also AOC green new deal. and al of a sudden the scam becomes obvious and the voters in 2020 will be aware of the CYCLE of climate tied to the SUN.  



4 am

 repo men at work

Alas, as we warned, and as the NY Fed today confirmed, the sudden heart attack in the critical, overnight funding market has turned out to be anything but a one-time event. First, as we saw first thing this morning, the latest repo overnight repo operation was the most oversubscribed yet, with $91.95BN in securities tendered for $75BN in reserves, the most yet since the Fed resumed these "unclogging" operations after a decade plus hiatus.

Oh and THIS

and THIS

yep looks like 2007 so dec is when selling in front of January for tax reasons is where to look on the timeline for opportunity to short with april the place to look for the lowest lows in price   with about 2500 looking like where to look at the biggest stop cluster to get run at. 


reminds me of the spring of 2000 when the day trading fad went off the rails.

if you are going to trade for gods sake trade the most liquid highest volume place where a stop will be executed fairly. um that is the ES. and astrology is a huge factor so learn enough to help . 


 he is my president now. atta guy!!

In addition to providing an overview of America’s foreign policy challenges, the president berated China for its unfair trade practices and its violation of obligations made to the people of Hong Kong. He called for the empowerment of women and for the rights of the LGBT community to be protected.

Andrew Jackson smiles down on you 

 Mr president please remember my right to think guys are weird and mostly pervs and I DO NOT WANT them ruling over me. 

AHA trump is an old hippy too. Bravo mr president

To close his address, the president delivered to the gathered world leaders and ambassadors a message of unity, peace, and recognition that, like the US, every country in the world should, first and foremost, act in the interests of its own people. “Lift up your nations,” he told them, “cherish your culture, honor your histories, treasure your citizens, make your country strong and prosperous and righteous. Honor the dignity of your people and nothing will be outside of your reach.”



Strange brew on the political front
enter the conservative hippy.

In a sense, they are more truly ‘counter-cultural’ than the climate protestors, who are celebrated as virtuous by almost everybody in power.

Both groups hope for a simpler, more beautiful world, a reduction in scale and a rejection of pure materialism in favour of “getting back to what really matters” 

ya I am one of those. 

back in the day the left tried to hijack the hippies and we were having NONE OF THAT. we were just anti war and defiantly NOT communists.   early on when I went to college I aced economics. I guess I am a natural born Austrian. humm. Ron Paul also and the best and brightest of us anti leftists hippie types know  fake money is not anything to base freedom and liberty on. 



India went MMT  now the EU IS LOOKING like it also.

my god.  Bernie and the commies would love to use the printing press to do a hostile takeover of the USA buying votes so that has to be taken into account going forward. if we get a crash in October seems like they could succeed but cause an inflationary depression in 2020 2021  to loom and that is going to be priced in in due time. The future of the market is in the hands of trump ability to defend himself and I already have located the tippping point as January of 2020 as the time Trump will sink or swim. I suspected Trump would be abandoned by his own party in January and we will see on that. IF and a BIG IF is trump is out then 2020 starts to look like 2000 and 2008. 




 9/25  4 am
All scripted? I saw it that way since May when I first saw the new moon in Virgo last august  so perfectly mirroring the new moon in virgo in 1987.  An army of morons on the left are marching the beat of trump impeachment drums. 
stay tuned. lol. 

9/25   5 am

the 87 trading pattern would have today be down hard enough to be an attention grabber with Friday down even harder. then Monday would be the beginning of the so called headline grabbing crash lasting into Tuesday. looking at the astro until Tuesday that  87 scenario is mildly supported as a preliminary setup for a real crash move in October around the 16th - 19th is what would be in the cards.  by real crash I would think support levels would be broken at 2700 then 2600 then 2500 like a knife through butter. . 

so the question is are the bears going to take the bait and over commit on the short side. looking at you mr soros.

 the macd gave a daily sell signal on Wednesday so a short trade is supported using that usually reliable tool. it will be a very entertaining  weekend astro update being posted here over the weekend.  


that is what I saw Monday as far as market reaction to some tough astro. I smell PPT activity Sunday night and also after noon Monday. 
the astro theme was justice and poor ol Joe beiden had it fall on him more than anyone. seems money laundering is the fav fundraising tool for dems.

so no technical damage yesterday to the pattern that suggest an October crash is at least in play with focus on the 16th to 19th seasonal crash fear period. this year I am more neutral on the crash showing up when many expect. 

the real selling is not due to start until December and even more driven by tax considerations is due in January. .  



the center of the galaxy is called HUNAB KA by meso Americans for 10,000 years. 



indeed it does

Recall in 2007 markets rallied to new marginal new highs following the September rate cut before peaking in early October.




looking at you al gore.

lol when I was 12 I figured out ALL the adults around me were lying about everything. ha made me a truther for life.
Hey little girl they dont call him MAN BEAR PIG for no reason.  Gore has sun Neptune opposition in his natal.. out to lunch believes his own lies plus a venus sidecar so narsistic as FK.
ya your childhood was stolen by carbon trading schemers.  

Oh and this too

Jalving called Thunberg "poor thing" and stressed that she has previously suffered from depression and an eating disorder, whereas her current diagnoses include obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Asperger's syndrome. Beata, her little sister, has also been diagnoses with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Asperger's and OCD.

big pharma to blame?/


worth watching


wow how civilized. I am excited about the future of medicine because nature has provided for humans for 100s of thousands of years.

I can report that cbd oil has done a good job of increasing the effectiveness of the pain meds I take,.


Dear Mr. President

My wish is to serve my country and the people of this country by being a trusted advisor to you personally. 

 in the early 1900s J  P Morgan is quoted as saying .. "millionaires don't need astrologers but billionaires do. "

 JP had an astrological advisor Evangeline  Adams as his trusted companion. I think he said that quote with a man like yourself in mind.  I have a track record since late 1990s of being out in front of the most important shifts in the possibility field of our great country which would come in handy for you to be in a position to maximize those changes for the benefit of your presidency and the country at large. I predicted the 2008 crash to the day 5 years in advance. I predicted the election tie in 2000 weeks in advance. BTW I predicted your win in 2016 many months in advance.  I did this knowing your natal chart shows wisdom and your beneficent character traits would win hands down and you did. I don't know of another astrologer who predicted your win for the reasons I found were so obvious.

Ronald Reagan used an astrologer  to time important meetings and he had a good grasp of the subject  himself to see the value so if it.. so if it  was good enough for him.... please consider my offer.  I would be honored to serve you in the traditional role of trusted advisor. please be in touch 


Mercury is conjunct the USA Saturn today which is exalted at 14.75 Libra. 
the theme is justice being served.




quantum supremacy

Google’s announcement that it has achieved “quantum supremacy” with a 53-qubit quantum computer greases the skids for all cryptocurrency and military secrets protected by cryptography to be breakable in a stunning new development that will change the world.

Google will become the dominant controlling authoritarian force on planet Earth, and all humans will be subservient to its demands. Democracy, truth and freedom will be annihilated.”

in comes the social credit monster.

“…already knows whether you’ve been taking your meds, getting your teeth cleaned and going for regular medical checkups. Now some employers or their insurance companies are tracking what staffers eat, where they shop and how much weight they’re putting on — and taking action to keep them in line.”

this is oligharcial collectivism 
lol not many actual humans want this type of governance. leftist control freaks don't count as humans, 


day trading

better be good. 


looks like a breakaway gap lower  for Sunday/ Monday. 

an old game with new rules

According to, "Sugar Babies do not want to be in monotonous, traditional relationships prescribed by society — that no longer works today. Rather, she is seeking a modern relationship — one that is different and matches her ambition and drive — with a romantic partner who can play the traditional role of provider or gentleman, without placing unreasonable limitations on personal growth," according to the website. 

humm the price for success is do like Hillary and kamala?
I raised two girls to have more self esteem than is seen today. 
Venus is in Libra this week is not happy about this trend and in the coming week I see a shift from whore back to goddess  being a new standard for girls going forward. 
I raised my girls to show them what a good man looks like by example  and I am very proud of my adult daughters. 

lol if I was a dad right now.. humm the bad thoughts I would be thinking. Dads need to man up now and defend their girls from this debasing trend.  hey you 20 something guys wtf is wrong with you. 

Meanwhile, the average Sugar Daddy is 41-years-old and has an annual income of $250,000. Most common professions are Tech Entrepreneur and CEO are their two top occupations, followed by Developer, Financier, Lawyer and Physician. 

As for cities - New York tops the list, followed by London, Toronto and Los Angeles. 


The two-hour meeting was led by two campus diversity facilitators who spoke on topics such as feminism, white privilege, toxic masculinity and LGBTQ equality, and outlined their own definition of racism, one that claims that while racial discrimination can be targeted at anyone, by anyone, racism itself stems inherently from white people and their “whiteness.”

At the end of the workshop, at least two conservative students said the information presented seemed focused on blaming white people and whiteness for racism.

  a racist who is black is simply a hypocrite. 

Where did white supremacy come from?  Jewish supremacy is the source in the bible and the Talmud not a very well known fact by most people.  The slave trade that brought Africans to north America to sell was run by Jews look it up. when Jews give Palestinians the human rights they were born with I will be happy to give credit where it is due. I think sooner than most people think is when that becomes a realty. 


the weekly astro update is finished enough now to be presentable




glad to report I am recovering enough from my Friday the 13th birthday experience to keep some quality thoughts in my mind and jot them down for your enjoyment. Because my natal Saturn is in the exact same degree and minute as the USA natal Saturn at the tiping point of the scales in libra I think my recovery so far from the brink of death and despair so far is a major message about the good ol USA being in the midst of a historic change for the better. MAGA.         MERCURY will be Exactly on the tipping point on equinox Sunday night    Monday. . lets have toast to truth and justice and the American way.    

So speaking of MERCURY he is known as Thoth. or Hermes. Graham Hancock explains  wow must watch and consider the message and then enjoy seeing the righting of so many wrongs is so close at hand. 


LOL everyone has  called me astro man for almost 5 decades now.    I guess I took this song to heart all the way back to the CRY OF LOVE ALBUM        lots of attempts to cover it. the song is almost gone from youtube .                                                                                                   

ASTRO MAN. Jimi hendrix. 

Here I come to save the day
A little boy inside a dream just the other day
His mind fell out of his face and the wind blew it away
A hand came out from heaven and pinned a badge on his chest
It said, "Get out there, man, and do your best"

                                                                                                    the entire lyrics


teach your children well

haha about time dont ya think?


                                                                                                                    hey teacher leave those kids alone


Ahead of the next week's traffic-snarling U.N. "summit" on Climate Change"  in New York, the international Deep State has activated its agents and their controlled hordes of stupid school children to stage "climate strikes" in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. Communist Mayors and school superintendents across America have facilitated this child-abusive spectacle by granting permission for students to skip class and participate in the worldwide event.




                                                                                                       RBF. might this be the end of weponizng feminism?

                                                                                                         “The worse the ‘bitch face,’ the more effective the Botox. If you always look dumpy, or unfriendly … people are going to react to you differently.”


                                                                                                                 WOW!! is this the end of feminazism? 
behold a shift of the ages is at hand. 


remember that old song "you are only as pretty as you feel"?

being happy on the inside shows up on the outside? what a concept. this goes back to the 60s and 70s when women liked men. oh and men liked women.  haha the mid to late 70s is when a huge shift to being gay to be "happy" occurred and that lead right into the Aids epidemic.  the gay plague  70-80s led to today's insanity. 

I wonder what the new meme to replace "woke" will be? lol NOPE?? 


 say it aint so Joe

if it is not joe then warren? omg warren is hostile to any economic success and already markets are starting to price in the possibility she can win in2020

I was a trump fan in 2016 and have stepped away somewhat because of the pandering to Netanyahoo . lol not an issue now.  back in the day we had a saying. "what if they had a war and nobody came?." Trump is the right age he knows that one. 

                                                                                   clueless fed?

When it comes to occasional (or chronic) dollar shortages, and the plumbing of the overnight lending market, which as everyone knows suffered a spectacular heart attack early this week when the overnight repo rate soared to 10%, the New York Fed and its open markets desk, is the authority on any potential plumbing blockages. Yet it now appears that the most important regional Fed when it comes to maintaining market stability, is just as clueless as the rest of us as to why the repo market froze up. sending funding rates to never before seen highs.



when banks do not trust each other they tend to hoard cash because they are watching to see who is stuck with a huge negative trade sort of like Leaman was in 2008. 

the equinox on Sunday night esat coast time is posted lower .. I will go into detail on Sunday delineating that exact moment and the message it screams about the next 30-60 days. 


                                                                                                         summer snow good bye shut up warmists


                                                                                            WE THE PEOPLE CAN FIX THIS

and fix it we must. mercury on equinox demands it. 

9/22 mercury the messenger lands on the tipping point of the scales on equinox. the USA natal Saturn 14.75 Libra.. yours truly also has Saturn at 14.75 Libra  the future of our country hangs in the balance and this applies to me just as much. I am in a life threatening situation but must remain in perfect balance spite of the danger I face. 


ME too?
lol a new meaning for an old meme



9/22. hot air balloon crash. 
Jupiter squared Neptune is past exact after being an active aspect most of 2019. the message is the inflated hopey dopepy mindset meets gravity.


9/21 and 9/22

the chart of the exact moment is very sticky energetically. this chart shows equinox exact Monday morning 4 am usa eastern time. 

please view the vid.. the gravity of the moment makes the song ring true.

oh my the lyrics

They sell us the President the same way
They sell us our clothes and our cars
They sell us every thing from youth to religion
The same time they sell us our wars
I want to know who the men in the shadows are
I want to hear somebody asking them why
They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are
But they're never the ones to fight or to die
And there are lives in the balance
There are people under fire
There are children at the cannons
And there is blood on the wire

live version. wow good



 repo men. lol. that is the crisis du jour. banks are having liquidity issues and wont trust each other.. humm a leaman moment over the weekend so pay attention to sunday night trading in S&P futures.

 The repo market plays a critical role in our financial system, because it allows our banks to rapidly borrow money, and that money is often used to purchase financial instruments such as Treasury bonds.  But this week interest rates in the repo market started to shoot up to frightening levels, and the Federal Reserve was forced to intervene for the first time since the financial crisis of 2008.  

While the Fed did not disclose how many banks participated in the operation, it is safe to say it was a sizable number. Worse, the result from today’s unexpected repo operation, we can now conclude that in addition to $1.3 trillion in ‘excess reserves’, a Fed which is now cutting rates and will cut rates by 25bps tomorrow, the US financial system somehow found itself with a liquidity shortfall of $53 billion that almost paralyzed the interbank funding market.


oh and about last friday  the 13th and also my birthday. I literally had to escape on foot from a very dirty hospital and on foot for me is using a cane. . quite the accomplishment.. I ended up with a rental car on Saturday morning to get home. The car was a ford fusion hybrid and after driving it till yesterday I gave myself a great birthday present and bought one yesterday for myself it gets 40 plus mpg. 18 k slightly used.  I need it to be able to get to treatment  out of state to save my leg and not be homebound permantly. I do plan on doing a weekend update plus posting comments here over the weekend. 


let us prey


haha so it goes with be beLIEfs

oh and NBC is so obviously satanic I wonder if some time soon if the public will get used to the idea that they can refuse to buy the products being marketed and defund the lie factories. 


 So UFOs are real.

lets hope they like humans and wish to free them from the people farm in a dramatic display of benefic demonstration of  superpower power disarming the warmongers. 2nd coming type stuff. 


I still think Monday is the best shot the bears have to get a crashlike drop back to support with strong mercury Saturn worry factor in  force all weekend. 


and here I thought lemons were yellow. me thinks he uses too much makeup.






FOMC today. Mercury conjunct Venus  today which tells me markets will be hearing what they want through a filter. I see qe4 has been a subject in the news overnight but also this

As Bloomberg reports, today’s surge in Treasury repo rates poses a threat to the market more broadly because traders won’t take new positions without confidence in their ability to obtain funding at consistent rates, said John Fath, managing partner at BTG Pactual Asset Management and a primary dealer trader from 1993 to 2008.


dems are being funded by people such as super perv Ed Buck arrested overnight

and have characterized him as a "violent, dangerous sexual predator," who uses drugs, money and shelter to lure black men struggling with addiction and homelessness into his home where he "manipulates them into participating in his sexual fetishes," according to KTLA. Accordingly, his bail has been requested at $4 million by prosecutors, who argued that he is a threat to the community. 

Buck has been a prominent figure in Democratic circles, associating with and donating to the likes of Democrats Ted Lieu, the Clintons, Adam Schiff and former California Governor Jerry Brown.