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Wondrous stories. this song inspired me to post this page


The day I met Tim Leary
posted 8/23/2019

It was my 18th birthday and I was in Vancouver BC escaping the reach of the warmongers by registering for the draft in a foreign country at a US embassy. lol a trick I was told about by Quakers in Philly area where I grew up.  I was having NOTHING TO DO WITH military service and I was  now living in a city full of draft dodgers. 9/13/1970 I could drink in a bar so that night and I did. Went to the Dominion Hotel where a lot of Americans gathered where joints passed from every table to another. Yum that first beer. So I'm sitting there with a roomie who was a draft evader too and an old guy comes in loud  with a few hot babes and then they sit down at the next table. He passes a joint and struck up a conversation about Woodstock movie with us.  humm  strange he looked familiar but I thanked him for the joint. Went home and turned on the TV and the big story was Tim Leary escapes from jail in California that day and a nation wide manhunt was out for him . I looked at my roomie and we nodded YEP IT WAS HIM.  Wow we just met Tim Leary. 

lol I confirmed the event when I met him briefly again  at a lecture he gave in the mid 1990s at a local community college. 

lol it makes me humm this song. 

It was my 18th birthday 3000 miles from home on my solar return on my 18th. What a birthday gift great spirit gave me . 

I listened to the Moody Blues on an 8 track in my 67 dodge dart back then which had a great influence on me. I knew all the words and sang along while I drove many thousands of miles wow that is so great a song the lyrics are awe inspiring .  Wow that link is worth watching a 100 times. Today's 18 year olds are deprived compared to us back in the day.

The night I drank the ancient brew with a top shaman
posted 8/25 

in arly 2005  I saw ayahuaska as the medicine needed to cure the world of 3rd eye blindness.  I went to Salvador in Brazil in September 2005 to find out for myself what it could do and I was already experienced with psychedelics having dropped acid 75 times in the early 1970s. tripping again for me was easy like riding a bike. I had some well practiced ideas on how to avoid bad trips by not resisting the inevitable dark moments  to  focus on the dark was making the dark  more real so I just let the dark pass through with no resistance and poof it was gone. . I spent my night listening to the shamans sing icaros and play music with instruments used by a millennia of Mesoamericans. I was impressed by how psychedelic the ancient songs were. Bending time. calling in animal spirits. Meanwhile the Moon Mars conjunction was passing over big and bright  in a conjunction with my natal Jupiter. I spent some time looking at the south Atlantic  from the roof of the beach place the ceremony was held at and spent some time with the shaman Kajuali who did not speak English so we nodded and the moment was good. . A group had gathered nearby and I saw Stuie Wilde among them so I walked by and he stopped me and said. you can either be a white magician or a black magician your choice. LOL I had a run in with him because he was doing dirty deeds to some of the people in the group so I took his remark as fing with me too so I said to myself duhh.  At breakfast Kajuali confirmed the new Indian name I was given the night before by my ancient ancestors who greeted me on the other side. . Perched Eagle. humm watching from a high place ya I know my name is a given. The experience was profound  the only glitch was my interaction with Stuie Wilde who brought 20 of his followers with him and took a dislike to me because I had read his books and noted he gave his date and year in the books so I had his birth chart and it seemed he did not like that, Mars in Scorpio that he was. I also saw him F'ing with people heads to a point I confronted him about it in front of the 40 people who were there at closing cerimony.  I called it UNCOOL.  lol. So after I got home a few weeks later he writes this in his A list blog.  Ya I am the gringo astrologer in that post. lol. NO hysterically I was only helping people find the toilet in the dark. Fing with me again eh?  A week later during a ceremony after I had gone home armed men barged in and robbed everyone. I had the notion that Stuie had brought that down on the group because he was so disrespectful of the brew and the people who came to drink it. A year later I had a chance to speak with Kajuali and he agreed with me. 


Stuie Wilde was there that night

I am the gringo astrologer discused in this post by sSuie.