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Technical price charts
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I love technical analysis and keep up with that part of situational awareness using trading view chart platform and also IB . lol I cant afford wave 59 right now
when I see something interesting in the technicals I might post a heads up here but not on a daily basis  yet. the daily subscriber service from 1997 till 2010 was presenting  LOT  of intraday charts for day traders from 1996-2010. this current page will be posting daily charts more relevant for investors position trading.  

NEW COMING SOON. Ninja trader is beginning to offer MICRO FUTURES which will be 1/10th size contracts with 50 bucks margin on the ES micro.

very exciting especially because I am seeing crypto trading is getting wonky due to the weak link in those markets the exchanges themselves. 



9/8 post
note I love bollinger bands set at 89 period MA and 1.62 standard deviation. 

 the charts below are screen captures from tradingview on 9/8

as i see it the hopium driven market burns out on friday 13th and a crash like move after that date has a potential to go as low as 2600. as I see it the  engineered crash move  ahead will be driven by geo and national politics  and my price target is 62% retrace of the rally of 2019.  thtat level could very well be the ideal dip to buy in expectation of a year end rally .  stay tuned. 

BTC retracements levels matter a LOT.  gann fan lines can be quite useful. the bollinger bands set at 89 sma and 1.62 st dev. VERY useful. 
My thoughts are btc has a seasonal tendency to make a low in September.