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 this post is due to be completely finished on Sunday 10/6/2019


trade the signals

 the sell stops are at 2900
in 1998 a similar technical situation  coming off a late sept low  in october 1998 had bears all lathered up when the rally failed and a lower low was expected in days. the fed caught the stubborn bears napping with the surprise rate cut on an option exp Thursday at 2:45 pm in the afternoon.  a rare intraday gap up resulted .. 40 points gap up on the big contract and 80 on the emini. many people went bankrupt that day it was pandemonium . I was warned in advance by a big shot ( soros) trading room worker 10 days in advance so it was all planned out so the so called right people would be in a position to benefit from this very illegal act. I did NOT trade on that info because I thought it was unethical and also could be a trap to shut me up. 
soo if you see a drop to 2900 on an option Thursday  lets say 10/17 beware.  I wonder who else was tipped off? donald trump?.. was he trading on that inside info  in advance  that day and is it an impeachable act? 




Mercury Uranus moon T square so heads up for news buzz with unusual or possibly chaotic energy in the air. 
Jupiter sesquisquared Uranus so a sense of a crash being immanent.  Sun squared Saturn so possible damage to  justice system




. similar to monday. 


sun conjunct usa saturn at the tipping pint of the scales and squared to transiting Saturn in Capricorn. 

moon conjunct Neptune maybe a lot of people hitting the bottle. 



Venus opposition Uranus. crypto could be interesting here. mars in Libra where it is in detriment. lol a prosecuting type energy. 


trade the technical signals

The way the week looks is trump will be in siege mode.
 A sense of unfairness lingers like a fart in the room. AOC looking at you. 

it would not be a surprise if the market  is down with 2900 a downside price magnet. 

 this could be a setup for the week after when the bears get screwed and the left seems to want to see a bear emerge to blame it on trump.