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Sunday 9/1/2019

sent in by a reader

I have been on record for months with the prediction that trump will be unsupported by his own party and that by January2020 he may be in for a fight just to remain on the ballot in nov 2020.  I see early January 2020 as very problematic because the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is in opposition to his natal Venus Saturn conjunction in cancer.  That transit could damage his likeability. 

obviouly I am a cycles guy. One of my favs is the 19 year cycle. Every 19 years the sun and moon return to the same zodiac degrees. This is called the Saros eclipse cycle and is the reason solar eclipses repeat every 19 years in the same degree every 19 years. 

An interesting thing for a student of astrology is to look up a famous person born 19 years within a day or two before your birth who would share the same sun and moon usually with one degree, . In my case that person is Ingo Swann. 

 events also track the 19 year cycle by repeating. 


 I posted this on the mt nebo blog on 8/30


If BTC is trading higher on fear it stands to reason today is a day to go long on the dip back to support. maybe serves the same purpose as buying a S&P put today

As of 5:30 AM the S&P is 50 points short of hitting the3000 mark. very doable before the close. Be prepared to make a decision on the close today. Astro over the weekend could indicate an outbreak of war in middle east. Monday astro is a T square between sun mars and Jupiter Neptune squre is extreme  bubbliness .. which could be bubble bursting OR maybe even a trade talk agreement IF TRUMP IS SMART.. causing another higher high on Monday so factor that into your trade plan.  . As of this post at  6 AM the odds of a crash are still high after the long weekend  even lasting into late September low which is a mirror of 1987 pattern which is  a known to  WAY too many and if so is a potential self fulfilling prophecy .   Sadly if we do have a September crash it serves the ambition of the left to take over OUR country. IF the left succeeds the ways to defend ones self are limited to metal and crypto UNLESS one is willing to sell their own  country short. Imagine if Trump falls into a trap and Hillary starts to force her self onto the dems an on to the ballot... yaya a nightmare. 

the new face of fascism
we are in the second coming of the Bolshevik revolution.

In America today, privately-owned businesses are no longer motivated by profit and service. Instead, businesses have become an arm of the Democrat Party by discriminating against conservatives and promoting the Left’s agenda — of abortion, climate change, gun control, illegal “immigration”, LGBTs, etc.

ya this is serious. AOC most racist? 



makes one wonder about Walt Disney

 one day I will be well enough to get to burning man  on my bucket list




the Jupiter Neptune square is the dominant energy. overly expansive of belief systems and has been a factor all year with the rise of the PC cultural  of climate hysteria   this week due to a rather common hurricane in September. this is the first trading day after the new moon ..very possible trump has sniffed out a plot to crash the markets  to embarrass him so he might do something like make a trade deal to defang it. the usd is at 2 year highs so there is room for a big rate cut but I don't see it till October  


more of the same as Monday.  more crazy libs peddling communism . 


crazed libs making weather a crisis the solution is taxing as usual . meat? as a "sin" tax?  


lol.. add in some trines and maybe some new laws regarding climate change is classified as religion. so if that happens you can be accused of blasphemy for suggesting the sun is in charge of climate. 


a week of crazed libs trying to impose their religion on everyone expect some new laws to stop deniers from pointing out the folly.



Conclusion  posted 9/1

 i do not expect too much downside in this week but later in sept I do see a mini crash type of event. the new moon did not produce an overbought spike higher so sellers don't have motivation to be aggressive just yet

Jupiter square Neptune could bring too much water as in floods.

when sellers begin i still expect a low late sept and then an early oct fed rate cut large enough to produce a bear bashing rally.