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 due to be completely finished on Sunday 9/22/2019

Complicating matters in the coming week is the USA natal Saturn at 14.75 Libra has transiting Saturn squaring it. I think it is obvious enough to see the country is is in grave danger. 

2000 or 2007

either or makes January of 2020 a month of selling off stocks

Many months ago I called the situation y2k2.0 the 19 year  sun moon cycle is in play
If that be the case then 2020 has Strong rhyming with 2001 and yes Sept of 2020 would tend to create 911 2.0 

the warmongers could be hard at work late 2020 to give us desert storm 2.0 in 2021... aka armagetton.... in March 2021 and also a bear market low as the bombs and missiles fly .. humm S&P 666 a bit of a reach for a nominal low in 2021 but a fun with numbers low for sure. 

so are we going to have a contested election result in November 2019? 
I think it is a given plus as I see it the warmists are going to loose like in 2000 when al gore lost.. 


mercury lands on the tipping point of the libra scales exactly on the USA natal Saturn .. and in a T square with Saturn in capricorn and moon in cancer Sunday night and into Monday with HUGE WORRY FACTOR and an unhappy mood. the equinox chart has weeks of time to fully manifest and October is crash month so do we fully rhyme with 87 and make a low in October? the libs sure want that so they can blame trump but i think the desire to hurt everyday americans for political gain is going to be obvious and could break the democrats popularity permanently.  An attempted coup in 2016-2017 one thing but pissing in the USA economic punch bowl quite another. 

the theme on quinox is.. drum roll JUSTICE with a capital J. 
humm..  let Assange come to testify before a special prosecutor regarding SETH RICH. 
lets give Snowden immunity to come testify about the nature of corporate spying  that was part of an election meddling attempt in 2016 and the whole Russian hoax  revealed as a meatless nothingburger. Bring in Epstein corpse to lie in state in the capital till the body stinks for all to see the blackmail operation run for decades by Ray Cohn

 OH and Ginsberg has a past due date sometime in October. 

Last but not least is a new investigation of 911 that starts to reveal the real perps.. after all we have justice in the air now and a country to restore by solving that crime. Trump campaign promise right???




A very big worry factor  from mercury moon Saturn T square and maybe a crash back to support  I look at 2700 as critical support which is 10% down  from 3k highs and stops galore are down there at the 50% retrace level for the entire year. 2600 and 2500 is too low for now but I see maybe January 2020 as point on the timeline for those levels to get get tested. . 



 Jupiter Neptune and the moon in Leo form a complex hard angle equivalent to a T square,  This is INFLATION AWARENESS. 
humm bonds maybe not reacting so well and talk of negative interest rates is the sound of one hand clapping. .


Venus squared to Saturn. a whiff of deflation in the air
Mercury squared to Pluto.  so secrets are revealed. 
911 MUST BE solved if America is going to be great any time soon. maybe sandy hook as well. 


 Venus at 14 Libra stands tall like the statue of Liberty. a good day to see some arrests. 



the week ends on an angry note when moon conjunct mars Friday evening. 
lol excrement and the fan in spades. 
the historic week ends with a sense of  nothing will be the same again. 


Conclusion  will be posted 9/22

 So Friday the 13th goes back to over 700 years ago 

I will have a lot to say about October 13th 1307 down the road.

In the days and weeks that followed that fateful Friday, more than 600 Templars were arrested, including Grand Master Jacques de Molay, and the Orderís treasurer. But while some of the highest-ranking members were caught up in Philipís net, so too were hundreds of non-warriors; middle-aged men who managed the day-to-day banking and farming activities that kept the organization humming. The men were charged with a wide array of offenses including heresy, devil worship and spitting on the cross, homosexuality, fraud and financial corruption.

I can say that I have inner knowing that I have past life issues regarding this particular incident over 700years ago. I will post some thoughts on this personal connection in the mt nebo blog in the coming week.