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 due to be completely finished on Sunday 9/29/2019

geez what an aggravating week last week was. 

 one of my fav sites is Mike Rivero's  started in 1996 like my site. Mike was born 10 days before me in 1952 so he has lots of similar planet placements to myself.  I see mike is down for health reasons today. H has natal Saturn very near mine at 14.75 Libra exactly on the usa natal Saturn and I can tell you Saturn in Capricorn squaring my natal Saturn now is not fun right now squared to my Libra  Saturn and  mike too. roger stone also.  Us 1952 virgos are hard wired with justice and fairness  in spades  with our natal Saturn in the most exalted degree of the zodiac at 15 Libra in the same degree as the founding fathers intentions showed on July 4 1776.  Things shake out for us and the USA in general also  to be tough going this  coming week or 10 days ahead with Saturn squared to us big time. the libs look like they want to hurt uncle Sam  and punish him . Impeaching trump  for deal making is almost hysterical.   trying to crash the market not so funny.


 I hope mike s not in a huge jeopardy  jam situation like I am.  .Mike has a wonderful wife so he is at least luckier than I am with a backup running the site and some TLC too. lol mike  and his wife moved to Indiana recently very close to where I was born in Ohio. best of luck mike please prep for winter  you may not remember what winter is. this is not Hawaii. 


new moon in Libra


 mercury and Venus squaring Pluto Sunday Monday.    more emphasis on secrets and spying. 
Jupiter separating square Neptune. crying children on stage again to promote climate propaganda. 
the climate fraud is a huge bubble ready to burst as the mini age age becomes a reality soon. 

must read







Venus squared Pluto.. lol greed is good and this aspect brings M&A activity. 


Venus now separating square pluto. 

Venus aggravates the Jupiter neptune square. sun applying square Saturn . the dreamers on the left are going to play dirty and moon Jupiter conjuncton expands the bubble..  this episode of crazy  last till Friday. . 



sun applying square to saturn
mars squares moon in London trading hours
Venus sesquisquared Neptune. humm oil prices?  mercury aggravates Jupiter Neptune square so inflation / oil prices in the news?


conclusion posted 9/29

to crash like 87 and 29 during October is the question now.  If there is going to be real crash in the next month it looks like selling a rally short late  this week is the trade to make. 

 this could catalyze a crash

Banks have suddenly stopped lending to each other. One of the safest ways for a big bank to put money to work is to lend it for very short periods, say overnight, to other big banks. In normal times this kind of lending happens on a vast scale without drama of any kind. But lately banks have gotten cold feet, demanding ever-higher interest rates from their brethren and threatening to screw up all kinds of activities that depend on ready cash.

stay tuned lol. 
trade the signals

The left wants to take back  as much of the 2019 rally as is possible....  as I see it 2600 would be the downside target near term so speculate with fun money on a crash bet  using bets at a strike near 2600.  .