Why learn astrology

this post started on 8/24/2019

This quote from  a Blackmore's Rainbow song CATCH THE RAINBOW says it all. 

life's not a wheel with chains made of steel .. so BLESS ME. 

 the sky is full of good and bad that mortals never know

 I doubt the universe you are living a life to the ground earthbound for it's entertainment has left you here abandoned without a map to guide your course though a lifetime to sail  your little boat back home to the heart of hearts to your very BEing

 Your birth chart of a sky moment which was a TIME STAND STILL moment of eternity is "the "agreement" you made by taking your first breath to live a life  in 4D   as a being that is reflection of the entire universe at that very moment you were born.   note read the fine print YOU are entertaining the entire universe by living your life in front of a billion eyes in the sky.  May as well be good at it.  Being able to see the signs along the HIGH way of life can gives you a type of free will which is called using conscious choices.  One of the choices you are gifted by leaning astrology even at the novice level is to be aware enough to NOT over react to transits and just see the energy field manifesting as acts of a play out there and within  you as the "drama"  of the world around  in and within you. If the matrix is real it is an astrological matrix  



comment about the song above. Indeed you agreed to be YOU from the beginning.  to Live out your historical life in a state of grace and with conscious choices. 

Take a pebble




One thing even at novice level looking at a chart of your friends and relationship partners  date of birth chart becomes a gift of allowing those "others" in your life  to be their authentic selves without rubbing you the wrong way  or vice versa. You are being given choices about what to react to. and allowing  stuff to  pass by with healthy curiosity about how they tick. 


 I am doing this page like a painting.. I stand back add a brush stroke now and then 
lol it was finished eventually 8/24/2019



here is a sample chart I can use to demonstrate how to take a glimpse of a person's inner workings. 

Joe Rogan 8/11/1967

Shout out to Joe. 
Hey man, when you're a celebrity your date of birth is a known so us competent astrologers and we can see you, the real you. The actual birth time of Joe is unknown publicly but an experienced astrologer can do a bit of rectification, so about noon works for me with Sun Jupiter landing on the midheaven and Mars in Scorpio conjunct  a Scorpio moon lands on his ascendant which is sure in line with what I know about him. MMA. Fear factor. Lol his podcast is named POWERFUL JRE. Ya he comes off powerful with moon mars landing on his Scorpio rising sign.

So Sun Jupiter is Big energy and the Sun Jupiter people I have known personally are very funny, natural comedians. They do it because they love to make people laugh and know they will be loved for it.  Sun is also squared to Neptune so be careful with the booze man. He might have the alki gene. . 
 His Leo Mercury is very opinionated however Mercury is semi-squared to Pluto and Uranus which makes him want to know all the secrets. This is the part of him that wants to experience those secrets. His passion for aya, dmt, magic mushrooms, right, there it is haha. He picks the minds of those who came before him like Paul Stamets and Dennis McKenna. Natal Mercury is squared his moon if the birth time I chose is on target  that would make him quite a talker (his interviews are often 3 hours long lol).

Interesting love life with Venus nearly conjunct Pluto and squared to his Moon in Scorpio.  Venus is in a Yod to Mars and Saturn. LOL the gene-hunter female types were probably all over him but, in the end, when he got a bit older, I doubt he is looking for an overly promiscuous partner. BTW not a gay bone in his body. 

He is part of a group of souls born in the last few days of the summer of love with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in a hot spot in 20 or so degrees of Virgo. That conjunction in 1967 is what made the hippies happen. He is just a few years past 50 now. 

Hey Joe, if this read happens to find you, I hope you like it. BTW one of his fav interviews was John Anthony West, who originally an astrologer who then became a renegade Egyptologist.  Yo Joe, I am available for a sit down.  I think I can talk for 3 hours too. lol contact astrobob314 at gmail.com



part 2 of this sample reading is a look at how relationship astrology works. Joe Rogan got married in 2009 to Jessica Ditzell date of birth 7/18/1975 https://answersafrica.com/jessica-ditzel-biography-family-facts.html


 Jessica is a mature type with sun Saturn conjunct in cancer. a seriously good mom.  sun square Jupiter so overly jovial and moon Neptune  conjunction no surprise she was a bartender when she met joe. Venus in Virgo like joe has so they share a similarity of taste in things.  They have two kids already. atta guy.